Which Google Chrome extensions you need to download right away

August 22nd, 2017

Even though more developers are using various tools, such as the Cross Browser Extension Framework offered by Besttoolbars to create browser extensions which can easily be accessed and used along with the different popular internet browsers, the majority of the users in the US and most marts of the world are inclined to prefer Google Chrome for their internet browsing experience. Statistics show that 60% of the market share in 2017 is dominated by chrome browser users and extensions, as compared to the 22% of those who prefer Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge.


Google Chrome extensions


This is why, it comes to no surprise that the development and offering of extensions which are helping make Google’s browser even more powerful is surging.

Here is a list of the top-rated useful Chrome extensions for the first half of 2017 chosen by types of services provided:

  1. For e-mail and improved productivity

Boomerang for Gmail – an extension which makes e-mail scheduled delivery as easy as possible. It allows users to snooze a mail, and will alert them if there is no response to an e-mail sent. For a small monthly payment, Boomerang also offers some pretty useful Inbox Pause functions and the ability to choose and customize exceptions for your Gmail inbox.

Accompany for Gmail – this extension provides the user with an instant recap of the data for the senders of e-mails to their inbox, including background information for the person, company information, job position, phone and other contact information.

Mysms – this Chrome extensions will let users type out and send an SMS or MMS directly from the Chrome browser, and receive messages as well, instead of using an Android based smartphone.

  1. Improved and strict workflow

Strict workflow (the Pomodoro technique- Italian for tomato), this extension allows users to turn on a timer for 25 minutes which will allow you them proceed with your job without being distracted by other tasks and distractions, such as: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and others. After a 5 minute break, users can re-set the timer once again with a simple click.

Toggl – easy to use and light extension for time tracking which will help improve user’s productivity and efficiency when working.

  1. Security and privacy

Adguard AdBlocker – customizable and hassle free ad removal and blocking for users who do not want to be invaded with online ads while browsing and watching online videos. It provides protection against malware and phishing as well.

Stealth Mode – this extension blocks cookies by third parties and helps users keep their information safe while browsing.

Click & Clean – users can easily clear their Chrome browser history, cache, cookies and more with this extension.

  1. Improved web browsing and reading

Mercury Reader – an excellent extension which quickly cleans and strips a web article to basic text and images and removes any annoying distractions, such as ads, share buttons and others, to make your online reading much easier.

Session Buddy – an extension which allows users to save browser tabs and close them to be accessed for later. It can automatically save as much as 10 of your current sessions as well.

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