Google Chrome has started filtering out ads – how will this affect you?

March 1st, 2018

The long awaited launch of the ad filtering feature by Google Chrome has finally been released this week. Google’s war on the annoying and bad ads has begun, and users and businesses are wondering how this will affect them.


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The newly rolled-out feature is already blocking all those annoying pop-ups and those noisy video auto-play ads as well as the hated large ads which stay stuck on the screens as you are scrolling down.

The reasoning behind this move by the company which controls almost a third of the entire global digital ad market has been made in order to stop users from using ad blocking browser extensions and apps which block out all or nearly all internet ads which can hurt the annual revenue of the internet giant from advertising amounting to $110 billion per year.

The new feature will block only those ads which do not meet the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads of which the leading tech companies such as Google, Facebook and others are members.

Google will start assessing websites to see if they meet the requirements, and will then either give them a passing, failing or warning Google Ad Experiences Report. The owners of the websites will be given 30 days to fix the problems before requesting another review, or otherwise Google will block all of the ads on the website.

This new feature can actually help advertisers because the annoying pop-up adds or loud auto-running videos have already been driving away users as it is. The new ad filtering feature in the world’s most popular browser will force advertisers to use less-aggressive and thus more successful advertisements instead.

Here is how the ad-filtering feature in Google Chrome is expected to affect the users and businesses:

  1. The users will be the ones who will benefit the most. The browsing experience will become more pleasurable and easy without the frustrating ads we are all used to.
  2. The advertisers will need to work on creating better ad experiences, which is good both for the audience and for them as well.
  3. Influencer marketing will become crucial due to the fact that the traditional ads will become less visible. Influencer marketing will turn into one of the most efficient ways to engage the consumers directly without fear of being blocked by the ad filter.
  4. The return on investments (ROI) will improve since businesses want to pay for advertisements which actually perform. Intrusive and annoying ads actually do quite the opposite.
  5. More advertisers will choose to use Google for their ads, because it is presumed that the internet giant will not be blocking its own ads.
  6. The consumer centered branded content which addresses the actual needs and interests of the customer will gradually take over the actual product ads.
  7. We advertisers may start moving to social media, so businesses should consider making this shift pretty soon.
  8. New creative advertising approaches will be introduced in order to avoid being recognized as bad ads and being automatically blocked by Chrome.

Choose the About Chrome option in the drop-down menu of your browser to check whether it has been upgraded to the latest version featuring the ad blocking feature.


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