Some great browser extensions which can save you bags of money

November 15th, 2016

Since shopping online is faster and much more convenient than going to a brick and mortar store, it is becoming more and more popular.  But there are certain downfalls to it too. Sometime, if you don’t have enough time on your hands to do some research and comparison shopping, it could be difficult to know whether you are getting the best deal at the online store of your choice. But there are some tips on how to find the best online deal quickly and reliably.

browser extensions

There are a number of browser extensions and plug ins which do the comparison for you, which can find coupons and actually help you save quite a bit of money by finding the best deals for you.  Here is a list of our top picks:

  • This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It searches automatically for any working coupons for your transaction, and if it finds one applies it and saves you money. It is free and quick, so even if it rarely finds you an applicable coupon it is still worth a shot!
  • It can save you a pile of cash, but it takes some time. This extension indexes the product’s prices on more than 100 websites, as well as the history of the pricing, so you can compare them and make an informed decision whether you should buy or not. You can also set your own customized price drop alerts, and also has an option to find the exact type and number of items which qualify for free shipping. It is available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  • Coupons at Checkout. This extension too performs a quick search to find suitable coupon codes for your purchase. As with Honey, it depends on the online stores you shop from, and the availability of coupons for them in particular.
  • com. This is another internet browser extension to help you find coupon codes and various deals available on different websites at the moment. It will inform you if there are promotions like: buy one get one for free, extra cash savings or other deals on certain products you choose. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  • This is a browser extension which tells you which credit card to use for which specific purchase in order to maximize on your reward points.
  • Price Blink. This is yet another coupon code finding browser extension. It can also compare prices for you, lead you to product reviews and to keep a wish list of all items you want to buy in the future. This app is particularly cool because it compares the price of the product but with the shipping price included.  It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Invisible hand. It is a browser extension which works in the US, UK and Germany for the moment, but it provides users with a nice price comparison service, including price comparison for flights, rental cars, flights and other services too. You can save quite a lot of money by cutting from travel costs, so Invisible Hand is definitely a shopping price comparison extension you should install!
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