How to make your home smarter – our top picks of smart gadgets for 2018

January 18th, 2018

You must have noticed how your home is becoming smarter than ever with the introduction of the wide variety of smart home products on the market. Today there are thousands of different smart tools and gadgets which you can use for controlling various objects in your home, including the thermostat, lighting, your fridge and even your crock pot via an Android or iOS app.


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The most common way to control the smart devices in your home is via one of the leading voice assistants available from Google, Apple and Amazon. Amazon’s Alexa is pretty much compatible with just about any smart device, and Google Home can also be used for controlling any Chromecast devices and smart TV’s.



Expectations are that with the rapid boost of smart technologies, our homes will become even smarter in 2018. Here are some of our favorite smart devices and gadgets to add to your smart home in 2018:

  • The Amazon Echo. This second generation smart speaker is currently the best one available on the market. Not only can you change its skin to match your interior or your taste, but you can use it to control other smart devices, use it for listening to audiobooks, connect to other smart hubs and even for shopping online.
  • The NETGEAR ARLO Q is our top pick for best smart security camera. It can capture 1080p video in the day and night and has an excellent motion detection feature as well as a very useful scheduling feature. Along with this smart camera you will also receive free storage for videos from one whole week.
  • ECOBEE4 is the smart thermostat which you should pick for your smart home. The remote sensor will allow you to ensure that all rooms in your home are properly heated or cooled at all times. It has built-in Alexa, which means that you can control it directly or access the voice assistant at any time for any kind of information you need.
  • Philips hue white A19 starter kit is the smart light bulb you need for your home. The product includes two light bulbs and a hub to connect it to other smart devices. You can add up to 50 bulbs to one single hub and use it to switch on and off the lighting as well as to adjust the brightness levels in your home.
  • ROOST smart battery is the top smoke and carbon detector for your home. It is fitted with a smoke and CO2 alarm and when plugged into your existing smoke detector and turn it into a smart device. You can receive alarm notifications directly on your smartphone and then choose whether to silence it via your phone or to call 911 via the mobile app.
  • CHAMBERLAIN MYQ garage is a very useful smart garage opener which will allow you to open the door of your garage from anywhere only with a tap on the screen. The company has announced that soon it will add a geo-tracing feature which will allow the device to sense whenever you are near the garage to open the door automatically and then close it up after you have parked your car.
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