Hybrid or native MADPs – how to choose

September 2nd, 2016

Mobile app developers who are building apps for various operating systems face quite a bit of challenges, because often this requires finding and learning new programming languages and app development tools.


What are MADPs

This is why more of the mobile app developers choose to use mobile application developments platforms (MADPs). These frameworks allow programmers to use the programming language for mobile apps development of their choice and the tools they are familiar with to create apps which can run on different mobile operating systems for the development of mobile applications.

The MADPs allow the programmers to create the apps, test them, deploy and manage them too.


Pros and cons of native MADPs

The mobile app development platforms are usually either native or hybrid. The native framework can convert the coding language into the native language of the target operating system platforms.  Hybrid frameworks are based on side tools and languages such as HTML, Java, CSS or another language used in the targeted OS.


Pros and cons of native MADPs


Native systems help create better and more user friendly apps, but using them requires more experience and skills. They are difficult to maintain, but the apps made through them run great on multiple platforms. Some of the popular native MADPs are: Xamarin, the open source Appcelerator Titanium and Corona.


Pros and cons of hybrid MADPs

Hybrid apps cannot be compared to the superior native apps, but they are much simpler and faster to create. The most popular hybrid frameworks include: jQuery Mobile, Ionic, Kendo UI, Sencha, and the leader – Adobe PhoneGap.


Pros and cons of hybrid MADPs


So, it very much depends on the skills and resources of the mobile app developers when choosing between the hybrid and the native framework options and tools.

Plus, the different platforms support different types and numbers of programming languages, they have different sized user communities, and some are open source and others are not.

When the developers are picking the platform, they should definitely consider the level to which the platform supports near-codeless and codeless development, in case the developers are not too experienced and technical. Some simple MADPs which can be used by people with not too strong programing or technical skills include: Force.com. This cloud based service allows for easy creating, testing and deploying of a mobile app. Also, the Amazon Web Services Mobile Hub is another great example for an easy to use cloud-based hybrid MAPP.

Other good ones worth taking a look at, include: Kony Studio, MobileFirst and the Telerik Platform as well.


Our conclusion


app developers


In conclusion, app developers should always keep in mind the users, the purpose of the app, as well as the devices it will be installed and used on, the integration with the different platforms, the security, quality assurance and the skills and experience of the team too.


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