The new iBotta cashback app has some unique features

October 12th, 2016

The tagline “Better than coupons” of iBotta sums the entire idea and function of this popular rebate and cashback website and app. The well-known cashback enterprise recently released a new feature of its mobile cashback app which has led to the users spending more than 1 million USD just for the first week of the newly introduced feature.

Since the cashback app by iBotta didn’t lead to the wanted results, the company was forced to find another way to attract the more than 20 million iBotta users and more to use its services.


iBotta cashback app


What is new?

The new app actually introduces a unique deep linking with other apps with iBotta’s. So, now iBotta offers unique cashback deals for other retailers and forwards them to the retailer’s apps.

The management of iBotta has stated that just like Google is the start for everyone on the Internet, iBotta is becoming the initial and main front door to all mobile e-commerce.

With the new app to app feature, the number of products and services offered by iBotta has increased, and the deals have improved.

All that users need to do is scan the receipt from the purchase with the special feature in the mobile app, and their cashback is earned. The cashback comes in 20$ increments.

The new approach by iBotta is aimed at turning mobile app users into real actual mobile buyers. Surprisingly, statistics show that while users prefer to use their mobile devices to browse through cashback sites and retail stores, a larger percent of the actual purchases are made on a computer or tablet and not a mobile phone. In the US, only 20% of the nearly 84 billion dollars spent for online sales for the first quarter of this year were made by mobile commerce.  This is what iBotta is hoping to change.  Users are more likely to shop for groceries than make big purchases via their mobile phones.  The reasons for this phenomenon are the security concerns which people have with making big purchases via their phones, as well as the difficulty of browsing, selecting and switching between screens which is often a problem for people shopping via mobile phones. iBotta is hoping to fill in this gap in mobile commerce.

The current cashback offers available

The current rebates offered by iBotta include: 5% from Groupon, and Jet, 15% for Boxed and Spring, as well as 10% for Door dash and Handy, 7.55 for Drizly and   1% for Ticketmaster. With the introduction of the new Dynamic Segmentation ad targeting feature, the developers of the iBotta tab have made sure that the more you use the app, the better the rebates you receive. At the launch, users got 40% cashback for the use of the Groupon app for mobile purchases through IBotta.

So, try out the new app-to-app affiliate program introduced by iBotta to get some very attractive deals.

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