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December 21st, 2016

According to the Conference Board, the average US consumer will be spending about $570 for gifts during the Christmas holidays this year. According to the research team, these purchases will be done by cash or credit card.

You must know though, that if you are planning to do your holiday shopping with cash, you could be losing out on a number of opportunities to save money via the cashback awards offered by certain credit card companies.


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Of course, the best way to save money when Christmas shopping is to not spend more than you can afford, and if using cash is the way you use to control overspending, then let be it

Other tips include:

Join the online or in-person loyalty programs of the retailers of your choice

Take advantage of the loyalty programs provided by your retailers, and remember that you can always unsubscribe or delete your account after that.  It is definitely worth it, given that some retailers offer about 20% discounts to members of their loyalty programs.

Look for valid discount coupons

Use an internet search engine, a trusted website for coupon searches, or a reliable coupon search browser extension or mobile app. The latter will take moments, and can save you serious amounts of money for the purchases you are planning to make.

Make sure you purchase online discounted gift cards

If you are prefer not to use credit cards, you can still take advantage of the possible discounts you can get when using another type of car for online shopping – the discounted gift cards which can be found on specialized websites, such as Gift Card Granny or RetailMeNot. These sites are for purchasing gift cards which other people have received but don’t really want – at a lower price.

Keep a close eye on the specialized online forums for discounts

There are a number of online forums, where users share and discuss all current best deals, discounts and other possible ways to save money.  Make sure you regularly check the “Hot Deals” section of the FatWallet forum. There are forums where you can register for receiving alerts for certain keywords mentioned, so make sure you add you favorite retailer or brand to them.

Learn to shop quickly

Learning to shop quickly is absolutely key to getting the best deals offered online. Either create an account at the retailers’ website in advance, so you can directly go to buying the product you want as soon as the discount has been announced, or get ready to very quickly register as soon as it starts. Cleaning the cache of your browser will make browsing and thus shopping faster too!

You can install suitable browser extensions and plugins

Make sure you get one or more of the reliable and quick browser extension which automatically look for discount codes, compares prices between various retailers and inform you about discounts for products and services you are interested in.  Some of these extensions include: Honey and Piggy. Of course, always be wary of fake as well as extensions which contain adware, spyware or malware, so be careful when using these cashback, coupon seeking or price comparison browser extensions and mobile apps.


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