Important tips and ideas for setting up the perfect mobile app development team

October 26th, 2017

Are you planning on setting up your own mobile app development team? There are some rules which you need to follow if you want to ensure that the team includes people who have the necessary skills and expertise to develop a mobile app and work successfully together throughout the entire process of planning, designing, developing, testing, deploying and managing the mobile app.


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The main team players need to include: an app developer, a manager and an app designer, but finding and hiring these people is not enough if you want to ensure that the app development is as successful as you expect. Here are some insider tips about getting together and managing the best mobile app team:

  1. The mobile application manager

This is the person who will be responsible for ensuring the proper cohesiveness of the entire team throughout the entire process. The mobile application product manager needs to make sure that there is seamless and clear cooperation and coordination among all of the members in the team at all times. He or she is also expected to provide useful input in regard to the planning, marketing and customer service.

  1. The mobile app designer

This person is the one responsible for designing the user interface of the mobile app and also for the branding of the application. An experienced designer should be able to plan and design the website, logo and all marketing components of the mobile app.

  1. The mobile app development team or single developer

This is the person or team of experts who will be doing the actual coding and programming so as to put the mobile app together and bringing it to life. They also are responsible for making the app operate properly, which includes a lot of testing too. You may want to ensure that the mobile app developers create an app which is compatible with different operating systems and works properly on different mobile devices.

Here are some other tips in regard to setting up a successful mobile app development team

  1. Hiring people who are good at team work and communication is preferable as compared to “rock star”-type developers who prefer to work and shine alone.
  2. Make sure you motivate your team by creating ways to encourage and enhance the team spirit so that you keep all of its members motivated and willing to their best. This means creating a stimulating environment with snacks, beverages, a foosball or table tennis table or any other incentive to make work and the work conditions more fun and attractive to the team.
  3. Plan the development steps so that the development and release of an app is done in time and that it doesn’t stop or hinder the work on other mobile apps. Incorporate policies for proper and timely pivoting, split testing, continuous app deployment as well as actionable metrics for a better organized and seamless work flow. A well planned work process will encourage the members of your development team to perform better and to do their jobs in a timely manner.

If you do not feel ready to organize your own team of mobile developers, you should opt for hiring an experienced and professional mobile application development company or team to create your app and to help you improve and enhance your initial ideas and plans for your software product.

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