Should you invest in a Mobile App Development Platform – look at the basics here

September 27th, 2017

You are thinking about investing in a Mobile app development platform (MADP) for your new enterprise mobile app, but how to you make a financially wise decision amongst the various types of MADP products available today, and is making such an investment actually worth it for your specific business, goals and ideas?


Mobile Application Development Platforms


Here are some general guidelines, which will help you decide on paying for a MADP, and choosing the best MADP to serve your purposes of planning, developing, testing and maintaining your enterprise mobile apps without overspending or making the wrong decision:

  1. The different platforms and device types you need your mobile app to reach

With more businesses choosing to provide their customers, partners and employees with mobile apps which can and should be used for conducting business, it is no surprise that a lot of planning needs to be done beforehand, so that the investment of time, money and effort in the development of the mobile app turns out to be a sound one. An MADP will enable you to develop, test, deploy and administer a mobile app across various OS platforms and different device types. Choose an MADP which provides a seamless service for all of the stages of the development and management of the mobile app across different platforms and makes them compatible with various device types, screen sizes, resolutions, storage options, safety precautions using the same code, so that more people will be able to access, download and use it. Various MADPs allow for a faster and easier mobile app development by incorporating rapid mobile application development (RMAD) features, such as: drag and drop and modular features.

  1. Reduce the costs for development and deployment of the mobile app

Mobile app development and deployment can be quite a costly and time consuming process, so the more time is spent – the costlier it will be. A good MADP should help reduce the time and the expenses for all stages of the mobile app development and deployment, due to the use of pre-existing templates, components and plug ins which can be used. Also, it reduces the need for extra training for the developers or for hiring third party developers who are experts. Of course, when looking for the best option, enterprises should consider cost related factors, such as: the number of mobile apps planned the platforms and devices supported, the type of implementation of the service as well as the existing in-house resources and capabilities.

  1. Consider your in-house resources

If you plan on using an in-house team of developers and experts on planning, building and deploying a mobile app, chances are that they will have little or no time left for anything else. An MADP, especially one with RMAD features will save you time, and will allow for the more experienced employees and developers to handle other top priority projects instead of spending their entire time working on the mobile app. The modern MADP which offer easy cross platform development functionality require little expertise and little additional training for the developers and will allow them to easily and relatively quickly develop hybrid mobile apps.

  1. MADP will simplify the integration of the mobile app with the back end systems, data and service access points

In enterprises where already significant investments in the back end technologies have been made, it is essential that the new mobile apps should be able to be easily integrated into these pre-existing systems. This will allow for better security and easier management as well as for providing all the necessary data to the mobile apps when necessary. Most MADP tools allow for the seamless and easy integration of the mobile app with all other systems in a secure and easy to manage manner, and will ensue that the mobile apps get access to any necessary corporate data.

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