Landing Page Secrets Used by Ecommerce companies

March 16th, 2018

There is no doubt that the landing page is possibly one of the most essential components of online marketing. It is no wonder that e-commerce companies are spending a lot of time, money and effort in creating the perfect landing pages for their e-mail, social media or search engine marketing campaigns, because it is where conversion to sales or to leads is expected to occur.


Landing Page by Ecommerce companies


Here are some top-secret tricks which ecommerce businesses use for creating the perfect and most efficient landing page which their visitors will land on when clicking the promotional link or banner:

  1. Be credible. Good and successful ecommerce companies know that gaining the trust of their visitors is essential if they want them to become their customers and to keep returning to get more of the products and services. This is why you should never be tempted to trick a visitor to visit a site with a false promise and false expectations! Be truthful always!
  2. Add a video and images apart from a catchy headline and text. Using videos on a landing page has been found to increase the conversion by over 85%! Use only one or two images or videos, because you want to grab the attention of the visitors, rather than distract them!
  3. Create an interesting, straight-to-the-point and easy to read text. Keep the sentences short. Use bullets or other ways to make reading fun, easy and quick.
  4. Use smart forms to establish yourself as a trustworthy business, and get your visitors to keep coming back for more.
  5. Don’t repeat yourself. To stay away from annoying your visitors, do not ask them the same questions which you already did in the form. Instead – ask them other new and more detailed ones which will help you improve the landing page.
  6. No navigation on the landing page! Get rid of any navigation bars and links which can cause your visitors to click and leave the landing page.
  7. Pay special attention to the Call to Action (CTA) aspect of your landing page. Make sure you eliminate any confusion in the visitors. Make the CTA easy to find and understand by using the appropriate action words, contrasting fonts and colors and make the CTA easy to find by placing it on a clean and easy to read landing page.
  8. Test landing page versions. Take the time to test different variants of your landing page to find the one which has the best conversion rate. For proper analysis, you should change only one variable per test.
  9. Keep the Three second rule in mind and make sure you capture the interest and attention of your visitor before they lose interest and leave the page. This can be done by providing quick and easy to find and read answers to the questions: who you are, what you do and how you could be valuable for the visitor. These should be followed by a CTA as described above.
  10. Make sure you use top quality images of your products by investing in a professional photographer who will use the best lighting and editing to create the perfect presentation of your product.
  11. Help the visitors understand why they should choose you by laying out the differentiating factors and the benefits for the customer.
  12. Embed Facebook Pixel for better targeting and remarketing. Use other means of retargeting, because statistics show that 70% of the retargeted users convert as compared to those who have not been retargeted.



Conclusion – how to make sure you have the perfect landing page for your business

Landing pages are one of the most important factors for generating leads, but most companies do not use them enough – or at all. Typically, companies pay more attention to the homepage instead of the landing pages. In fact, the landing page is the first room in your virtual shop where visitors come in.

Take the time to check whether your landing page covers all these secret tips provided by e-commerce experts to make sure that it is absolutely impeccable and convincing enough to turn it into exactly what your customers are looking for. This will surely prompt them to purchase your products or services right away, and then return to shop again and recommend your online business to their friends as well!



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