The latest trends in mobile app development to keep in mind

November 9th, 2017

With the rapid developments in the area of mobile app development, developers are getting used to constantly needing to change and shift in order to stay in line with the latest tendencies in mobile app development.


mobile app development


Here are the latest trends in this booming industry which you should keep in mind and take into consideration if you are a mobile app developer or if you are planning on hiring professional developers to make your own mobile app:

  1. Multi-platform apps are increasing growing in popularity

There is an increasing demand for mobile apps which are available for use on multiple platforms. One key factor to keep in mind when making an app which will work on various platforms and devices is its storage options. Different devices have different storage volumes and types, which is why the app should be developed in a way allowing for it to be stored and work properly on every device of your choice. The different Mobile application development platforms available for creating mobile apps offer different types of code templates as well as back end integration functions in order to make life easier for the developers and to eliminate the need of needing to recode the app for every different platform or device type. An important tip to follow when working on your next multi-platform app is to keep the UI as simple as possible, so that it doesn’t change amongst different platforms and device types. Some mobile app developers use HTML5, JavaScript or #C in order to make working cross-platform mobile apps. These apps are in demand because people tend to use more than one device for their shopping, browsing or other needs, and also they can save a lot of money for different organizations which need to ensure that all their employees or customers and partners have access to their mobile app.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI), real time data and big data trends

With the ever growing popularity and use of the Internet of things, there are growing data loads. More developers are using AI technologies to help break down these huge data volumes and turn them into real-time results, such as weather or traffic conditions for their mobile apps.  AI is also being used for apps which provide fraud detection, and can also increase the productivity of the software for e-mail categorizing and other processes.

The growing use of AI technologies is a trend which all mobile app developers should consider taking advantage of in order to create modern and popular apps. Other AI trends such as: machine learning, speech recognition, chatbots and other language conversation capabilities are becoming a must for the leading apps and software.

  1. UX and UI

professional developers to make your own mobile app

This is probably the most prominent trend for mobile app development of them all. For an app to be successful, downloaded and used by more people it is essential that it provides a positive and satisfactory user experience.  With the huge influx of apps, it is essential to develop one which stands out with easy to understand and easy to use useful functionality. The main use, the features and the technical level of the mobile app all affect the UX. The UI of the app needs to be easily adaptable to different devices, screen sizes, slow connectivity and varied lighting. The more adaptable it is – the more likely it will be used.


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