The latest trends which are shaping the future of e-commerce and internet marketing

May 3rd, 2018

With the latest tendencies of marketing budgets shrinking and the huge media landscape evolution, the job has never been tougher for marketers who are expected to do much more for less.  The marketing playground has expanded for both customers and brands.

With the digital advancements causing a change in the media world and shifting customer behavior and rewriting marketing rules, it is essential for marketers to keep an eye on the latest tendencies.


E-commerce applications


Here are some of the leading trends in 2018 which are crucial for the re-shaping of marketing and e-commerce.

The boost of mobile commerce

In 2018 mobile commerce is becoming growing popular and it is no wonder that it is affecting e-commerce and commerce as a whole.  Mobile-based shopping accounted for about 46% of last year’s holiday online shopping.

Today, more people are relying on their mobile phones not only for the actual purchasing process but also as their personal assistants for making their shopping choices.

This tendency is opening new doors and opportunities for retailers getting more involved in the decision making the process of online shoppers. It is also affecting the formation of marketing strategies and turning to more conversational approaches instead of relying on the traditional quarterly campaigns. Now brands need to become virtually approachable by potential customers for detailed product information and for the recommendations they are demanding.

Messaging apps are becoming predominant

Since studies show that about 80% of the companies cannot reach more than 1,000 downloads of their brand apps, messaging could be the culprit when it comes to reaching the customers who are spending most of their waking hours on messaging apps.  This is especially true for teenagers, but adults are using them too. So, messaging is becoming one of the most successful communication channels. Marketers need to use this strategy if they want to reach out to their potential customers before their competitors do.

Voice assistants are growing in importance

In the US, 41% of the people use voice assistants on a daily basis. This tendency seems to be growing, especially when it comes to searching for products and services as well as for online shopping decision making. Thus there is no doubt that marketers should incorporate their marketing strategies and communication channels with voice assistants in order to answer their customer’s expectation of receiving easy and quick access to all pertinent information they need at each step of their shopping journey.


The quick emergence of AI and automation will change our entire lives, including our shopping experiences and the marketing strategies of marketers as well.

Conversational AI interfaces are starting to become the norm when it comes to keeping contact with customers. Chatbots will soon become essential elements of every brand’s customer communication and marketing strategies.

The most important part is to provide customers with useful information which will keep them engaged and give them a more personalized experience to build brand loyalty and boost conversions.


No doubt, technology is changing the world we live in. This is true for the world of commerce and marketing as well, which is why today’s brands and marketers should be ready to make changes to their traditional approaches and turn to these tech-based trends if they want to reach their customers, communicate with them and sell them their products or services to meet their business goals.


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