How to manage files on Android

August 26th, 2016

With the ever growing use of our phones and other mobile devices instead of our computers and laptops both for work and for pleasure, comes the time when the files and data on your Android phone is getting so much, that you are having serious trouble finding the files, music, photos or other data you need.

Unfortunately, Google’s mobile OS does not include a file managing app by default.


manage files on Android


Here is how to successfully manage your files on Android devices

In case you don’t have a pre-installed file managing app on your Android device, the first logical thing to do is to install a third party manager app, so you can access and manage your files easily.

Some of our favourite file manager apps for Android include:

  • ES File Explorer.  It is free and filled with various features and options, such as favourite folders and cloud support. It is easy to use and with a great interface.
  • Astro cloud & File manager – free and great for file management both of local storage and cloud storage.
  • AntTek Explorer – another free file manager for Android, which has a very easy to use file drag and drop two panel interface.
  • Total commander – this is a well-known file managing program for PC’s which is now available as an Android app. It has all the wonderful features of the original product as is absolutely free.

You can find and manage your files through your file manager app by going to the common folders, including DCIM for photos, Download for downloads, as well as Movies, Ringtones, Music, Video and Pictures. Once you tap on a file a menu with multiple options will appear. You can choose whether to rename, move, copy, or delete the file.



Connect the device to your computer

You can also easily manage your Android files by connecting your device to your computer with a USB cable and use its MTP support feature. This will allow you to view the file storage of your Android device and easily view, move and rearrange your files.

If you don’t have a USB cable, you can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as well. The connection will be slower, but still it will allow you to easily view and manage the files from your Android device from your laptop.

Another option is to remove the storage card from your Android device (if you have one) and stick it into your SD card slot of your laptop. Then you can manage the files stored on it very easily.


Android devices


Customised file manager apps

Certain manufacturers install and develop their own file manager apps on their devices, such as the MyFiles app on Samsung phones and other Android devices.

Cheetah mobile too has a pretty decent free File Manager app installed on all of its devices.

You too can order a file manager app to be developed for your needs, by using the service of professional Android app developers, such as They offer cost effective and powerful Android apps promptly and efficiently.

professional Android app developers


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