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August 29th, 2017

Everybody loves getting a good deal, which is why more people are relying on incredibly handy and efficient cashback and discount websites, browser extensions and mobile apps providing discount information, price tracking, coupon code searches and other online shopping deals.

The website and cashback browser add on called Piggy has become growingly popular among users. It is largely automated and charmingly simple to use. Already rated with five stars, the browser add on is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


The unique cashback program provided


Services provided

Piggy will do an extensive online search for all available discounts, deals and coupons for the product of your choice. The extension has access to over 2,000 retail sites and offers automatic application of coupon codes and other discounts to your online shopping cart at checkout.

This nice new extension also offers attractive cashback options to its users, who can get cashback rewards and returns for their online purchases via this add on.

The history and evolution of the company and service

Piggy was first founded in 2014 and has since attracted a growing number of enthusiastic and loyal users. Since June 2016, the service has shown a staggering 400% growth. Today, its users are more than 240,000 with over 5 million online purchases completed to this day. The key to this incredible growth and success, according to its founders is its simplicity. The focus on improving the overall shopping experience is the leading mission of the service. This includes using the latest, cutting-edge technological development and empowering the customers via the company’s sustainability and utter transparency in order to provide the best online deals, coupon services and cashback options and at the same time being environmentally responsible. This combination is attractive to both customers and online retailers who all want to save money.



The unique cashback program provided

The one feature of this extension and website is its unique cashback program, which includes providing users with cashback rewards for every single purchase they make from any single retailer represented. Piggy informs the customers about the cashback percentage which will be provided for any product or service of interest beforehand, which is something which is not provided by other cashback services and browser extensions and apps.

Also, Piggy sends its users a quarterly check, unlike more of the other cashback service providers who offer points or gift cards instead.

Although the cashback percentage offered varies for each store, the expected return is an average of 4-5% for each purchase.



The eco-friendly approach

Furthermore, Piggy has an environmentally-friendly approach to sustainability, and the company supports numerous conservation and renewable energy projects for its water and electrical usage. In fact, the company uses 100% of these sustainable energy options and thus is proud to announce it has a net zero carbon footprint!

With maximum transparency, full sustainability and guaranteed best deals and cash return for the purchases made, Piggy is becoming more people’s favorite cashback and shopping discount service and cross browser compatible add on. This is why, you should try it out today – start using this extension or service and you will begin saving money today, and getting some of it returned pretty soon!

If you want to create your own cashback browser extension, you can always rely on the experts with years of experience from Besttoolbars to help plan and develop one in accordance to your needs and ideas!


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