Microsoft Edge finally has extensions which can be customised

August 26th, 2016

Now that Windows 10 has finally offered the long-awaited anniversary update, the Microsoft Edge browser finally has extensions.

When it first released its latest browser, Microsoft had stripped it off of all add-ins and additional features because of security reasons.

But now, with the Windows 10 updates, users can finally customise their internet browser once again.


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How to add extensions to Edge

Here is some information on how to do that:

Open the menu button of Edge and select settings and then Extensions. The menu button is the one with three horizontal dots. You can pick some extensions by clicking the Get extensions from the Store option.

On the Windows Store page you will find all the available extension for the newest browser by Microsoft.  They are all free.

You can download and install them and turn them on immediately. When you don’t want them you can uninstall them or simply choose the Keep it off feature.

Some of the new Edge extensions have customizable options. The Mouse Gestures extension allows you to customise your mouse gestures.


Microsoft Edge


Customising your extensions

In order to customise and configure your Edge extensions, select menu, and then extensions, and pick the extension you want customised. In case it can be personalised, there will be an Options button, which you should click to choose your options for that extension.

The Edge extensions which you have currently turned on appear on the top of the settings menu. They appear as icons, and in case they are on-demand, you just need to click the shortcut for it to be activated. You can make them easier to find and click by placing them on the browser toolbar.

To do this, open settings and choose the Extensions option. Click on the particular extension you want and pick the On option in the Show button next to the address bar feature. The shortcut icon will appear nest to the address bar of your browser.

Right now, the available extensions for Edge are quite limited, but there are some of the most used add-ons on other browsers, such as: AdBlock, LastPass, Pocket and others.

Hopefully, now more toolbar developers from Microsoft and third parties will be working on adding more and more useful extensions to the Edge browser. This will help it compete against its main competitors Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Edge browser


You can actually get paid to use Microsoft Edge

Edge which proved to be a flop when it was first introduced as a successor to Internet Explorer. This became such a serious concern for Microsoft that the company is currently offering monetary rewards to users who choose to use the browser! This offer is valid only in the US at the moment. It is a point-based system which offers users points for spending time using Microsoft Edge every day. Users can exchange their points for various vouchers. To get points, the minimum required use of the Edge browser is 30 hours per month.

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