What to keep in mind before starting the development of a new mobile app

April 18th, 2017

As the demand for useful and user friendly mobile apps is rapidly growing, it is important for organizations to  know how to plan and develop a mobile apps which will actually be used by more people, and which in some cases may turn into a source of serious income.


development of a new mobile app


Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when planning your mobile app:

The investment you are planning to make

You should know that a mobile app is just like any business venture and that financial planning is critical for your business. If you are planning to purchase a base for your mobile app, the price can reach about $8,000. Coding can cost thousands of dollars too. It is a good idea to entrust the development of your app to experienced developers to create a high quality code and platform for your app, so that you can get the most of your business investment.

The cost of your app

As you know, apps can be completely free, others a paid and many are free until you choose to upgrade. It is important to weigh your objectives carefully before determining the pricing of your mobile app. Naturally, if you want more people to download and use it – you should consider launching it for free.

Protecting your investment

No matter if you are developing the app by yourself, buying an app base or have hired developers to do it, it is recommended that you protect your investment by signing contracts with all payments outlines, as well as with the distribution and intellectual property rights addressed in them. It is advisable to seek the advice of a lawyer before signing these contracts.

Cross platform availability

As you know, people use mobile devices working on different operating systems, so if your app is made for Android or iOS only, it is very likely that you will be losing a vast number of potential users who do not have access to it due to the use of incompatible OS. This is why, it is highly recommended to consider developing a mobile app which is available throughout the different most popular platforms, to increase the number of users who can access and use it.

Earning money

If you are planning on developing an app for earning money, then it is important to know when and how you will start earning actual money from it. Of course, if it is a paid app, you will earn cash each time a user buys it. If you want more users to access it, you can keep it free and yet have some in-app purchase features, which can also provide you with a solid revenue stream, if your app becomes popular among more users.

Dealing with bugs and errors

Thorough testing of the app prior to its launch is crucial, because nobody wants an app which is showing performance issues and errors. It is very likely that an app with bugs will be deleted immediately, so make sure your app is working well on all devices and platforms before releasing it.

Promoting your app

Plan a promotional campaign for your app. Make sure you write a useful description of your app which will attract more users to download and use it. You can use the social media to promote it too. Making a website for your mobile app is also a good idea. You can include screenshots, and actually visualize the functionality of your app, so that more people choose to use it.

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