Why you should get a mobile app and a browser extension for your cashback site

October 13th, 2016

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, you probably have heard that the latest tendency for attracting more customers and boosting the purchases is through offering rebates, cashbacks, coupon codes and other money saving and money making incentives.  The best way to boost the sales is to introduce or sell via a cashback service.

If you have a cashback website, nowadays it should be complemented by a mobile application as well. The reason is that more and more people find it easier to use cashback mobile apps when in the store or planning their shopping list rather than browsing through websites when on the phone.  It helps if you have a browser extension too.


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How to develop the cashback app and browser add ons

You can hire professional developers to professionally create a cashback browser extension and mobile app for you, in accordance to your needs, views and goals. It needs to be very easy to use, so that the user is more likely to return and use it again.

For the mobile cashback app, it is recommended that you have an easy to use navigation panel with simple and straightforward functions, as well as a function allowing for the display of the new and hot cashback deals available for the users. The users would find it more convenient if you add a favourite store feature in your mobile app, so they can have easy access to the stores which they visit most often. You must also add a “my accounts” section for the users to register and store their purchase and cashback information. Other functions you can add to your mobile rebate app are: store deals, all stores cashback and push notifications to keep the users informed of the cashback offers which are close to them or of bigger interest to them.

How the cashback browser extension can help your business

Even though you develop a mobile app, you could also benefit from an easy to use and functional browser extension or add on. Some good browser extensions for cashback services offer search engine results page injection, so that when the user searches Google for a particular product, the logo of the cashback service appears nest to each result which offers rebates. This will help remind the users of the possible discounts.

The cashback browser extension can also offer quick access for the user to the different stores on the cashback website, plus information about the users’ balance in their cashback account. You can also offer the user to choose whether to receive notifications in the Internet browser about new rebate offers or offers which could of interest to them.

If you need skilled mobile app and browser add on developers who are specialised in creating efficient and easy to use cashback products, you should get into contact with one of the most experienced companies in this area of expertise BestToolBars. With more than 15 years of experience, and a large number of projects, they offer professional yet quick and affordable solutions.


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