Mobile app use tendencies and useful tips for developing popular new mobile apps

January 20th, 2017

More people around the world are using their smartphones and other mobile devices instead of their desktops to shop and for their everyday needs, which is why the developers of mobile apps are continuously working and competing to create new apps which will win over more users.


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According to Statista, in June 2016 there were around 2.2 million Android apps and 2 million Apple apps, downloadable in Google Play and Apple App Store respectively. It is expected that about 200 billion mobile apps will be downloaded in 2017.

Localytics has calculated that the average person uses 6-10 apps a week, and that in regard to new app downloads, as little as 3.3% of Android apps and 3.2% of iOS apps are still used actively 30 days after they are downloaded.

This means that the mobile app developers need to put in all their knowledge and effort to win over more users and to keep them interested in using their products.

To do this, mobile app developers need to create apps which more users will fall in love with, and will find useful, engaging and why not – a little addictive. If the users find an app indispensable, then this app is a sure winner among the sea of various mobile applications available. Mobile app developers need to focus on interconnecting the functionality of the app and the mobile behavior of their potential users. In other words, a good mobile app should be able to meet the immediate needs of the users and should evolve over time, as these needs change.

Google has analyzed the new consumer behavior, including the latest tendencies motivating mobile web users, and the most common reasons why people access the Internet while on the move.  Google has called this tendency: micro-moments. According to this analysis, people most commonly use their smartphones to address their specific needs, including: wanting to go somewhere, to buy something, to know something or to do something. These leading reasons why people choose to access the internet via their smartphones and other mobile devices should be implemented in the planning, design and development of a successful mobile app.


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Some more specific recommendations for all mobile app developers include:

  • Engaging more users by clearly addressing the tasks and placing a call to action in the center
  • Making menu categories as user friendly as possible
  • Easy access to a previous screen, so that users don’t need to restart and start over, but rather can easily go back without losing data
  • Make choosing and changing a location easily available
  • Allowing for an easy transition between the app and the mobile web via a consistent design
  • Having a clear and easy to see search field and use operative search indexing, plus filters and options for sorting when searching
  • Only asking users to register themselves if is absolutely essential
  • Easy authentication and sign up will keep users interested in using the app
  • If the mobile app is for shopping, provide the users with price comparison options, also save previous searches and purchases, as well as give users an option of multiple third party payments, so that more users will choose to use the app for shopping
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