Mobile apps which will help you save and even earn some money

November 16th, 2017

With the influx of mobile app development and usage worldwide, very few people remain skeptical about the need to invest the time and money into the professional development of a mobile app for their business or for a new idea they have in order for it to become successful.


the professional development of a mobile app

At the same time a growing number of people with smartphones and smart devices are becoming more and more dependable on various mobile apps which they download and use on a daily basis. Fewer people though think about the possible ways to make some passive income through the use of mobile apps too.

There are actually ways to earn some money by using certain Android and iOS apps. True, they do require that you enter some personal info and data but these apps have been monitored and tested as legitimate and safe for use. So, if you want to start earning some additional income today, here are the cashback and other passive income earning apps which you should try out:


This state-of-the-art mobile app will let you exchange unwanted personal items for other useful ones and can actually help you save and even make some money. This easy to use app features the latest AI, image recognition and auto title features which will allow you to quickly search for, categorize and get the best deals for the items and products of your choice.


All you need to do is download and install this mobile app on your phone or device and proceed to give your much valued feedback on various topics. You can earn cash for your opinions and reviews, and also from the offered cash games. Also, you have an option of earning money just for watching some of the proposed TV channels via this clever app. Plus, there are ways to win some cash for reading e-mails and watching some relevant videos, so if you have the time – go for it!


This mobile app offers you a chance to win some cash by staying fit. You can connect it and use it through some popular fitness trackers and apps, such as: MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper or MapMyRun. What better than get into shape and get rewarded for it by receiving a cash prize?


Join this photograph sharing community app and upload some of your favorite snaps or photo collections and you can make some cash if other users choose to buy one or more of your pictures from your personal portfolio.


This clever mobile app will help you save money by keeping you from overspending. It will identify and analyze ways and areas where you can save money by keeping a close eye on your amazon purchases, and will assist you in identifying the best deals, cashback proposals as well as finding and cancelling unwanted and costly subscriptions for you.


This ingenious app will help you find ways to earn cash by offering simple household and other chores for others. It will connect you to people nearby who are willing to pay for a certain chore. You can also find someone to do a job for you too.

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