Can mobile shopping really kill the brick and mortar retail?

August 29th, 2017

Even though it is much more likely that your reading or video viewing experience will be much better on a big screen, and that the sound quality of your phone calls will be much better if you use a landline, chances are – you are one of the billions of users who tends to use their smartphone for most or all of your online experiences and for most of your everyday tasks instead. Experts claim though that the smartphone shopping experience can be able to surpass the actual brick and mortar shopping in the near future. This is one tendency which is expected due to the latest statistics and the analysis and forecasts provided by leading e-commerce and tech experts.


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What the forecasts for the future of mobile commerce are

Statistics show that by 2022, mobile commerce will achieve a growth of 30%. Already, in 2016, the use of mobile Internet for making online purchases surpassed that of shopping online via desktops. This is due to the fact that smartphones and other mobile devices are getting more powerful and useful, and that everybody now has the opportunity to stay online 24/7 without hassle or too much added expense.

Still, it is too early to say farewell to actual physical stores, since about 70% of the consumers still prefer to be able to actually see and feel a product before purchasing it, which means visiting an actual brick and mortar store.

How mobile pap developers are working on achieving a better experience for the users

But mobile platform and app developers are continuously working on further developing their mobile shopping products and services in order to be able to rival physical retail stores. The fact is that mobile tech experts are aware that the expectations of the customers for the mobile shopping experience is ever growing, and that they expect to receive an online shopping experience as good or even better than they would if they go to an actual store for a purchase.

Another shifting tendency in consumer behavior which experts have noted is the fact that fewer people go window shopping just for fun anymore. Instead, a growing number of consumers visit a store (both online and physical) only when they specifically need something. Long gone are the days when fashion stores will focus on rotating their style display windows. Today, people tend to do their browsing for new styles and products via their mobile phones and devices instead. So, it is more likely that when a customer enters a store, they have performed their online research beforehand and are coming for a specific reason, such as trying out a product or for another similar reason.



What customers expect for their shopping experience

But in order for mobile shopping app and platform developers and retailers to be able to completely overtake the customers from the physical stores, the online experience needs to be as close as possible as that in an actual retail store. This includes highly personalized attention attitude towards each and every customer, which is what most shoppers anticipate when shopping both online and not. This factor is one of the main reasons why consumers tend to prefer to make their online purchases from native apps rather than from an actual mobile e-commerce website – good shopping apps tend to offer consumers more personalized experiences and options, such as: finding the closest stores near their location, save favorite products, receive discount and other relevant notifications and get loyalty points and other incentives.

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