The must-have Google Chrome security related browser extensions

November 17th, 2017

With the latest worrying news about certain safety issues and malicious attacks of the Google Chrome Browser through various extensions or other security problems, there is no doubt that if you are one of the millions Chrome users, you should be taking all the necessary precautions in order to ensure that your personal data and other sensitive information is secure.


Google Chrome security related browser extensions


Even though Chrome has a highly efficient scanning function for all extensions you want to download and install to the browser which will alert you immediately if there is a sign of possible security breach or other harmful features, and it will also automatically inform a user if a particular extension is attempting to change any browser settings, it is always a good idea to use some additional safety and security extensions and features as well.

Here are some of the leading and most reliable security related Chrome browser extensions which you should consider downloading right away:

Tunnel Bear VPN

This free chrome browser extension will help keep your online communication secure at all times. Even if you already resort to using the useful Chrome incognito mode for browsing, your ISP can still monitor your online activities. You can ensure that your browsing activities are completely untraceable by adding the Tunnel Bear VPN extension to your browser. It will secure your communications by transferring them to a number of encrypted servers in more than 20 countries worldwide. This will not only help keep your data secure but will also keep you away from bothersome advertisers. You can use the extension to view web content which for one reason or another is blocked in your country too.

HTTPS Everywhere

Another completely free Chrome browser extension which will automatically switch any unencrypted web page into one with HTTPS protocol which is more secure. It will help block unsecure elements from pages you browser and will add additional security to your internet browsing experience.

True Key

Download this free browser extension if you are not too comfortable to allow Chrome itself to store all of your usernames and passwords for you. True Key is a reliable and safe password manager which will help you store and use your different usernames and passwords for different web sites and services. Your data will be stored on encrypted servers and you can gain access to all of your passwords just by logging into your True Key account. It also offers facial recognition features for additional safety.

Avast Online Security

One of the best known security browser extensions, Avast Online Security will keep you safe from malicious phishing site and attempts to gain access and steal your personal data as you browse the Internet.

This is one of the most popular antivirus software products, so by installing this extension you can be certain that you browser safely on a daily basis.

Adguard AdBlocker

This extension will efficiently block any ad trackers which are monitoring your browsing sessions in order to bombard you with appropriate ads. It will help make your browsing much more seamless, hassle free and will keep away all the annoying ads which keep following you around as you surf the internet. You can easily check the number of ads which this free Chrome extension has blocked for you.

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