Some nice Google Chrome extensions and features you should know about

September 6th, 2016

Apart from the ongoing development of browser toolbars for making the life of Google Chrome users easier, Google has now added an even neater function to its internet browser.


Google Chrome features


The personalised tab feature

This is a personalised tab feature. Basically, this is the Google Now feature added to each new browser tab you open. This can really help when you are working or using the browser on your mobile device, when you usually need to open a number of different apps.

You can test the personalised tab feature in the Google Chrome developers build. The dev build can easily be installed and used alongside the regular or beta Google Chrome browser on your Android device.

Find the Chrome Dev app on Google Play Store, download and install it. When you open it, you will see an added search bar next to the recent tabs and bookmarks buttons.

This feature allows Google to suggest articles which are of interest to you, based on previous searches.  The articles relevant to you according to Google Now will be suggested to you by this nice new feature. Of course, the more you actually use the Google Now feature, the most useful and relevant will the suggestions be for you.

This feature is perfect for easy access to all the useful and interesting news on your mobile browser.  It is perfectly safe to use the Chrome dev along with the stable version, so you should try the great new feature of the developers build on your Android mobile device now.


development of browser toolbars


The backspace in Google Chrome is back with this new extension

Google Chrome is the number one used internet browser in the world. The reasons vary, but most of all it is the simplicity, the speed as well as the number of Google tie-in features, as well as the unique third party extensions it features.

Today, Google Chrome users are happy again because the internet search giant just added the Go Back With Backspace extension to its browser toolbars. This is a relief for many users, who have been outraged ever since Google removed the backspace option from the browser.

Along with this extension, Google Chrome has a wide variety of add-ons to make your life easier.

Try out the personlised new tab feature, and get back that long missed backspace with the new extension.


The backspace in Google Chrome


Get rid of all politics in Facebook with this extension for Chrome

You can also try an interesting new Chrome extension which completely removes any political stories, statuses and comments from your Facebook feed. If you are English speaking and are tired of all those political stories, arguments and articles which keep appearing on your Facebook timeline, simply install the Remove all politics from Facebook extension which has just been released.

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