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November 21st, 2016

Today, the US economy is facing a struggle to achieve growth at pre-recession levels.  So, now the people have to put in extra effort to decrease their spending, but keep their quality of life.


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Thanks to the development of software and technology today there are hundreds of online tools to help people do just that. Some of the most useful of them all are the following shopping assistant browser extensions which will help you save money:

  • PriceBlink: this cool browser extension offers quick and reliable price comparisons of items chosen by you. It will save you the time and effort of doing your own price comparison and research when shopping online. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Coupon digger: this is an innovative coupon code searching browser extension, which searches for coupon codes and vouchers for the specific items you are looking to purchase at the moment. It too will save you time and can save you a lot of money as well.
  • Zscaler Safe Shopping: this is reliable browser extension which will keep you and your money safe from compromised and fake sites and malicious pages. Given the billions of dollars lost each year due to credit card scams and fraud each year, it is worthwhile installing this extension just to be on the safe side.
  • Ciuvo Price Check: this is a very useful shopping browser extension which offers a wide range of information, including: price comparisons, reviews, images and real time alerts for coupon codes and vouchers for your purchase.
  • Shopping Assistant: this browser extension keeps track of and highlights the same or similar items you are looking to purchase form popular resources, such as: Amazon and eBay. It offers a price history which can help you decide whether to buy it at the moment or maybe wait.
  • Invisible Hand: this extension can really make a difference in the amounts of cash you spend on holidays, on things like: flights, hotel booking, car rentals and other similar costly services. It works for people in the UK, Germany and the US. Hopefully, it will become available for customers in other countries too, because it is really useful for actually saving money when travelling abroad.

Our conclusion

If you tend to shop online, it is truly useful to download and install one or more of these or other browser extensions  for assistance in saving while shopping. True, they may not be useful in every single online purchase you make, but even if it does work in some cases, it is still worth saving some cash in these difficult times.

If you are an online merchant yourself, there are developers who can make such an useful shopping related browser extensions for price comparisons, for various options for a better choice for your customers, options for direct communication with them, and other user friendly tools and options which will attract them and make them come back to your store.  Look for experienced developers who will help you increase your sales and markets, and at the same time increase customer satisfaction.


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