Overview of Firefox Quantum – it is looking good for Mozilla’s newest browser

January 26th, 2018

Since its release less than 2 months ago, the new Firefox Quantum browser has become increasingly popular. Mozilla claims that in mid-December already there were 44% more downloads of the new browser from Chrome users than a year ago and that more than 170 million people around the world have downloaded and installed the latest internet browser by Mozilla.

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Plus, the fact that Quantum is much faster and lighter than its predecessor as well as more existing internet browsers, there has been a 24% increase of installs of the new app on both Android and iOS devices as well.

Advantages of Firefox Quantum

Although Google Chrome still is the leader when it comes to internet browsers, Quantum has been gaining popularity mainly due to the fact that it is very fast, and encompasses the new tendencies of multiple device use and mobile internet use. Just a single tap on the “Send to device” option will allow you to quickly transfer the web page or pages you are currently looking at from your phone to your laptop or other device.

Plus, the privacy issues which many users have with other browsers are properly handled by Quantum, including an automatic tracker blocker and better browsing history privacy. In fact, according to some users, the new browser from Mozilla is better than Chrome because it is not only faster but it is also smarter than Google’s browser and takes perfect advantage of the powerful multi-core processors of modern smartphones. A great plus is the URL copy button which will save you the hassle of copying a URL from the address bar on your mobile phone. Also, the built in QR code reader in Quantum makes life easier for mobile internet users as well. Other amazing new features of this browser include the night mode color inversion function and the screenshot and save for later features which make life easier for those who prefer to browse the web via their mobile devices.

The question of add-ons and Firefox Quantum

The browse is very easily customizable and intuitive to use, but one complaint which some users have had is that when Quantum was introduced many of the existing add-ons for Mozilla Firefox became unusable. This is due to the fact that the new Firefox 57 or Quantum supports extensions which are designed under the WebExtensions API (used for extensions for Chrome and Edge) and it could take some time for developers to redesign their add-ons to become compatible with the new Quantum. Thankfully, the new browser has an option of searching for replacement add-ons in the form of a “Find a replacement” button.

But this new implementation of the WebExtensions API for add-on development is good news for web developers who are already using it to create extensions for the other leading internet browsers. Now they will be able to develop cross browser extensions which can be used by users of all the leading internet browsers with only slight modifications made via existing cross-browser extension frameworks or other tweaks in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of all users of all of the leading web browsers worldwide.

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