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Affiliate Marketing: Key to Ecommerce Revenue Growth

E commerce – Search Engines, SERP Injection

Affiliate marketing was once considered a tool for driving consumers to the actual sales event, but today it is becoming more than clear that it is also a powerful channel for consumer discovery which leads to incremental sales and improved brand engagement as well as impressive returns on investments (ROI). This is why it is safe to say that affiliate marketing is key to e-commerce development and revenue growth.



Surveys made by Rakuten Affiliate Network have shown that almost 90% of all advertisers asked considered…

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The reasons why developing a mobile app should be a top priority for developers in 2018

developing a mobile app

The increasing dependence on and use of smartphones on a global level has now made it essential for IT companies and web development companies to prioritize mastering the art of mobile app development as soon as possible.



In the competitive and constantly moving business of development being able to keep up with the latest trends is crucial.

The fact that cutting edge technologies are being introduced almost every day is what attracts people in the industry of development, but this means constantly learning new programming skills and constantly following the…

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Common myths about mobile app development – a closer look

mobile app development

With the boost in the popularity of smartphone and smart device use, it is not surprising that we have been bombarded with hundreds of new mobile apps on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are some common myths regarding mobile app development which many users and potential customers tend to believe.



Here are some of the most popular ones which we would like to explore and resolve once and for all:

  1. The development of a mobile app is extremely complicated and costs a lot

The truth is that the money you will pay for…

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Google Chrome has started filtering out ads – how will this affect you?

browser extensions

The long awaited launch of the ad filtering feature by Google Chrome has finally been released this week. Google’s war on the annoying and bad ads has begun, and users and businesses are wondering how this will affect them.



The newly rolled-out feature is already blocking all those annoying pop-ups and those noisy video auto-play ads as well as the hated large ads which stay stuck on the screens as you are scrolling down.

The reasoning behind this move by the company which controls almost a third of the entire global digital ad…

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Secret tip on saving money and getting cashback online and in brick and mortar stores

cashback browser extension

Even if you feel quite happy about your use of discount coupons and promo codes for your online purchases, you may not be aware that there are a number of other ways to get discounts and save money for your purchases as well.



Here are some tips which work both online and in physical stores and do not require that you apply for and pay for store membership:

  1. Check your credit card perks. Make sure you check and take advantage of the various offers, discounts and extended guarantees and other perks which…
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High-end technologies in e-commerce (drones, VR, etc.)

High-end technologies

Brick and mortar sales and results reached their lowest point in 2017. Nearly 7,000 stores across the US closed up last year, which is 200% more than in 2016. The main reason for this new worst record is that brick and mortar stores can no longer meet the demands and needs of their customers who are empowered by a growing choice of new technologies and easy access to any kind of products and services they need online.



For retailers and brands which are looking for ways to survive and increase their…

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2017-2018 Diversity of e-commerce between mobile and desktop. Perspectives

professional e-commerce mobile app development company

Currently, an estimated 10 billion internet connected devices are in use. With the incredible surge of smartphone and mobile device use worldwide, it comes to no surprise that mobile based e-commerce sales are expected to overtake those made via desktops in 2018. Still, a vast number of online retailers are still hesitant or failing in turning their strategies towards mobile first.



A study published by Shopgate shows that about 54% of all e-commerce sales expected to reach $414 billion in 2018 are expected to be mobile…

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Cloud technologies as a future of electronics usage

Cloud technologies

The future of electronic usage lies in the cloud technologies. Expectations are that by 2020 the popularity and usage of the cloud will grow significantly. The reasons are many, but the main ones are that cloud based equivalents are much more flexible, cost-efficient and easier to use. More than 90% of the leading entrepreneurs have already transferred their companies to the cloud.



The cloud is becoming an essential part of IT infrastructures

This is due to the following advantages it provides:

  • Instant and easy system and security updates provided by the cloud service…
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Bitcoin investments. Perspectives and professional prognosis

Bitcoin investments

At the end of 2017 during the peak of the so-called “Crypto fever” surge, a group of expert panelists in the business of cryptocurrencies and fintech gave their professional forecasts for the perspectives and prognosis for cryptocurrency investments and trends for 2018 for



Here are their professional predictions in regard to the different cryptocurrencies and for the bitcoin investments in 2018:

The expected value decreases and increases of the leading cryptocurrencies for 2018:

The value of Bitcoin is anticipated to reach an average $33,000 by the end of 2018. The biggest rise…

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The expected trends in e-commerce for 2018 which can make a whole difference for retailers

trends in e-commerce for 2018

E-commerce and M-commerce have been rapidly gaining momentum and increasing their sales volumes share in the past years. Expectations are that this boost will further continue to grow in 2018 which is why existing and new online retailers need to follow the new tendencies in order to meet the anticipated trends in e-commerce for 2018 if they want to increase their sales and survive along with the Internet retail giants who are currently dominating this ever-expanding market.



Here are the forecasts for the e-commerce and m-commerce trends…

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