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What to expect in mobile software and hardware developments in 2018

mobile software and hardware developments

At the beginning of 2018 it is becoming ever so obvious that smartphones are becoming an inseparable part of our lives, and are now considered by some as their “natural continuation.”



The increasing dependence on smartphones for communication, data search and for various services and purchases means that in 2018 we can expect further technological developments in both software and hardware for smartphones and other smart devices.

The tendencies are that several tech trends will be predominant this year when it comes to mobile app development and smartphone hardware…

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Overview of Firefox Quantum – it is looking good for Mozilla’s newest browser

WebExtensions API

Since its release less than 2 months ago, the new Firefox Quantum browser has become increasingly popular. Mozilla claims that in mid-December already there were 44% more downloads of the new browser from Chrome users than a year ago and that more than 170 million people around the world have downloaded and installed the latest internet browser by Mozilla.

Plus, the fact that Quantum is much faster and lighter than its predecessor as well as more existing internet browsers, there has been a 24% increase of installs of the new app…

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The must attend tech events for Q1 of 2018

IT development

It is already 2018, and for all of you professionals in the IT development and software business it is about time to start planning the schedule of events which you plan to participate in this year!



In order to save you from the overwhelming task of browsing through the hundreds of IT related events planned and announced for this year, here is a list of the top conferences, summits, trade shows and seminars set for the first quarter of the year which you should attend in order to stay informed…

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How to make your home smarter – our top picks of smart gadgets for 2018

mobile app

You must have noticed how your home is becoming smarter than ever with the introduction of the wide variety of smart home products on the market. Today there are thousands of different smart tools and gadgets which you can use for controlling various objects in your home, including the thermostat, lighting, your fridge and even your crock pot via an Android or iOS app.



The most common way to control the smart devices in your home is via one of the leading voice assistants available from Google, Apple and Amazon. Amazon’s Alexa…

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Why payment systems integrated in social media will become prevailing very soon

payment systems integrated in social media

There is no doubt that social media has become an essential communication method for people and businesses on a global level. Apart from being used as one of the most effective tools for advertising and brand promotion, expectations are that social media will soon become popular payment gateways for millions of users on a global level pretty soon.



The numbers of social media users worldwide are increasing rapidly each year, and forecasts show that they will continue to rise up to 2020.  Statistics show that nearly 71%…

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The forecasts for the expected leading tendencies for 2018 for the IT sector

tendencies IT sector

At the beginning of the New Year, experts in the IT business are sharing their forecasts for the tendencies which will be prevailing for the IT sector in 2018.



Here are the most important tendencies in the world of digital transformation according to the leaders in the IT sector:

  1. IoT

In 2017, the number of “things” connected to the Internet increased by a whopping 30% as compared to 2016 and reached an estimated 8.4 billion mark. There is no doubt that this tendency will continue to develop and the number of ‘things”…

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Are you ready for this year’s Affiliate Summit?

Affiliate Summit West 2018

Have you registered for the 12th Affiliate Summit West?

The prestigious annual event will take place at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas from January 7th to January 9th.

The guests who are already on their way to this event include: the leading Internet publishers, bloggers, advertisers, bloggers, networks, agencies, tech companies, media owners, traffic sources and other solution providers.

The annual Affiliate Summit will welcome renowned guests from over 70 countries from around the globe, and is the best place to make new connections and find out all about…

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Expected trends for the online sales volumes and e-commerce results for Q4 of 2017

eCommerce Marketing Trends

There is no need to be a marketing expert to conclude that this year’s holiday online sales will be bigger than last year’s. The boost of e-commerce is constantly growing which means that the online purchases made during the upcoming holidays will definitely reach new heights this year.



Here are some of the e-commerce trends to expect by the end of 2017:

  1. The share of online retail shares will reach their highest levels in the last quarter of 2017

This is an annual trend which has been going on for more than…

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The boost of e-commerce is affecting the technological developments in logistics

e-commerce applications

The increasing importance and growth of e-commerce has led to multiple developments and changes in the trade business, but nowhere has its impact shown to be greater than in the logistics industry. With the boost of the popularity of online shopping, the expectations of the consumers worldwide have been growing as well. Today, consumers expect to order the product of their choice quickly, with one single click and to receive it in a couple of hours or a day at the most.



These expectations have led to the application of a…

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Don’t miss a single deal this Black Friday with these apps and extensions

browser extensions

Don’t miss a single deal this Black Friday with these apps and extensions

Even though Black Friday is around the corner and you may think that you have taken all measures and done all your research and preparations to get your hands on the best possible deals this year, there are some additional steps which you can take in order to ensure that you succeed to get the goods you like before the millions of other online customers who are expected to shop excessively and actively during this shopping holiday.



Here are some…

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