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What to strive for when developing a mobile app for your company

mobile app

In modern times, when more people are relying on their smartphones and other smart devices for any type of information and for various tasks, it is not surprising that mobile app development is growing at overwhelming rates. It does seem that there is a mobile pap for virtually anything these days. More companies and organizations are adding mobile app development for their specific needs, products and customers as a top priority to their marketing and business plans.



But in order to make a mobile app attractive to more users and actually useful…

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Techniques for force installing incompatible extensions in Firefox

extensions in Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are definitely the two most popular web browsers at the moment. It comes to no surprise that there is a vast amount and variety of free browser extensions which can be installed and used with these browsers to improve their performance and functionality, and to make the user experience much easier and satisfying.



While more web developers are working on making the add-ons compatible with the different web browsers, by using special instruments, such as the Cross Browser Extension Framework offered by Besttoolbars, there are…

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The challenges and the essentials for mobile app development

mobile app development

Companies and organizations which are adding mobile app development to their business plans have been faced with quite a bit of challenges along the way.

The Red Hat Summit held a week ago was a forum where the challenges of mobile app development were widely discussed by the attendees.



The challenges which mobile app developers are facing

The successful modern mobile app must allow for seamless transfer from a desktop to a smartphone or tablet.  Mobile app developers should always maintain the user experience as top priority, and whether they…

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The rise of conversational commerce in the online shopping business

The rise of conversational commerce

With the growing expectations of online customers, and the increasing competition between e-commerce websites and services, it is necessary for online retailers to further develop the options and services provided in order to attract and keep more customers.

One tendency is the growing demand for more visual, written, vocal and predictive capabilities of the personalized extensions, apps and widgets of the retailers and the various brands offering their products online.



A survey ordered by Nuance Communications shows that most consumers would prefer to make shopping faster and…

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Some of the most useful cross browser extensions which you should try out today

most useful cross browser extensions

Browser extensions are used for enhanced productivity, easier work and for higher online security, as well as for a variety of other reasons by a growing number of users around the world. Extensions make the integration with other services we need and use seamless and more convenient. They also extend the capabilities of the Internet browser of your choice.



True Google Chrome is the most popular browser, but there are Internet users who prefer to use other alternative browsers, such as: Mozilla Firefox and Opera as well.

This is…

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The trends among the leading mobile apps in 2017

Mobile App Development

Gartner has announced that its research shows that in 2016 there were over 260 billion mobile app downloads, as compared to 180 billion downloads registered in 2015. The expectations are that in 2017, the downloading of mobile apps will increase even more. This means that the market of mobile apps is growing and thus becoming more competitive. This makes the work of mobile app developers much more challenging, as the demand for better and more useful apps is growing by the day.



Here are some of the leading mobile…

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What to keep in mind before starting the development of a new mobile app

development of a new mobile app

As the demand for useful and user friendly mobile apps is rapidly growing, it is important for organizations to  know how to plan and develop a mobile apps which will actually be used by more people, and which in some cases may turn into a source of serious income.



Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when planning your mobile app:

The investment you are planning to make

You should know that a mobile app is just like any business venture and that financial planning…

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Why you should install a cashback browser extension right away

browser extensions that’ll help you save money

Among the wide variety of browser extensions available, there are some which can help you save and even earn cash, which are worth installing and using.

These shopping and cashback browser add ons will help you discover the best deal, provide you with rebates and give your reward points which you can then use for other online purchases and services.



Here is our take on the best shopping browser extensions which will help you save cash, and are easy to use:


This shopping add on for Chrome…

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The types of online payment integration for e-commerce owners

for e-commerce owners

When opening an online store, you should keep in mind the possible e-commerce online payment integration options you can add, to make the store easier to use, more popular and successful, because they will allow for safe, easy and secure payment and checkout. You can choose one or more of the three options, including: a browser plugin, a payment checkout page or add a full API integration to your online shop.



Here is some more detailed information regarding the 3 options for e-commerce payment integration:

The shopping browser extensions

A shopping

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How the development of role-based apps for employees can improve the performance and workflow

role-based apps for employees

The development of mobile aps for customers is becoming increasingly popular among all kinds of organizations, and some of them have been evolving and been upgraded several times already, so that they reach a “mature” level of usefulness and ease of use, which all organizations want.



The tendency for organizations developing mobile apps for their employees though doesn’t seem to be going through such a rapid evolution. This means that it is not uncommon practice of employees having to use a multitude of mobile apps in order to perform…

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