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Amazon’s quest for winning over the largest shares of sales this Black Friday

mobile app for iOS

On November 1st, Amazon launched its official countdown to the much expected Black Friday of 2017. The online retail giant introduced its updated mobile app for iOS which includes a fascinating holiday shopping feature called “AR View”.



Amazon’s AR View App

It is based on the ARKit of Apple, and has been developed in order to allow customers to “visualize” various products by virtually placing them around their home or other property. This augmented reality function is already been offered by other innovative retailers such as IKEA and…

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The must-have Google Chrome security related browser extensions

Google Chrome security related browser extensions

With the latest worrying news about certain safety issues and malicious attacks of the Google Chrome Browser through various extensions or other security problems, there is no doubt that if you are one of the millions Chrome users, you should be taking all the necessary precautions in order to ensure that your personal data and other sensitive information is secure.



Even though Chrome has a highly efficient scanning function for all extensions you want to download and install to the browser which will alert you immediately if…

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Mobile apps which will help you save and even earn some money

the professional development of a mobile app

With the influx of mobile app development and usage worldwide, very few people remain skeptical about the need to invest the time and money into the professional development of a mobile app for their business or for a new idea they have in order for it to become successful.


At the same time a growing number of people with smartphones and smart devices are becoming more and more dependable on various mobile apps which they download and use on a daily basis. Fewer people though…

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Easy ways to tell whether a Google Chrome extension is real or not

Google Chrome extension

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the world with millions of people using it on a daily basis and on all kinds of devices. If you are one of them, you are most likely using one or more internet browser extensions along with it as well. Good browser extensions add useful functions and make our lives easier.



The problem is that as with other software, there have been reports of false or malicious extensions available for Google Chrome as well.

Here are some tips on how to…

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The latest trends in mobile app development to keep in mind

With the rapid developments in the area of mobile app development, developers are getting used to constantly needing to change and shift in order to stay in line with the latest tendencies in mobile app development.



Here are the latest trends in this booming industry which you should keep in mind and take into consideration if you are a mobile app developer or if you are planning on hiring professional developers to make your own mobile app:

  1. Multi-platform apps are increasing growing in popularity

There is an increasing demand for…

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How to get a share of the multi-billion e-commerce profit – tips for better conversions

mobile shopping app

Statistics show that more the 1 billion of the 4 billion internet users worldwide are shopping online in 2017, and the forecasts are that the revenues from e-commerce will hit the $4 trillion mark by 2020.  This tendency is a clear sign that small and big businesses need to consider e-commerce to become their forefront, if they want to get a share of the growing profits from internet commerce.



But doing this is not a simple task. Existing business owners and new businesses need to put in some extra planning,…

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How to make the most of social media for your marketing purposes

social media for your marketing purposes

Given the growing impact of social media on people’s lives, it is not surprising that more organizations turn to social media marketing as their main source for reaching out to their target audience and for marketing their products and services. This is the case for promoting mobile apps as well.



Whether you have worked closely with professional mobile app developers or have taken the time to develop your own mobile app, you need to take efficient actions to promote it and to convince more users to…

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Important tips and ideas for setting up the perfect mobile app development team

mobile app development

Are you planning on setting up your own mobile app development team? There are some rules which you need to follow if you want to ensure that the team includes people who have the necessary skills and expertise to develop a mobile app and work successfully together throughout the entire process of planning, designing, developing, testing, deploying and managing the mobile app.



The main team players need to include: an app developer, a manager and an app designer, but finding and hiring these people is not enough if you…

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The function of browser extensions, add-ons, plugins and how to increase their popularity

browser extensions

Ever since 1999 when Microsoft introduced the first browser extensions for its Internet Explorer 5, browser plugins and extensions have been growing in popularity and today the other internet browsers have followed Microsoft’s initiative and support numerous types of add-ons developed to enhance and extend the functionality of the leading web browsers, such as: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others.



The terms used for these clever software additions to your browser are: extension, plug-in or add-on. There is a slight difference between these terms, for example: a plugin cannot make…

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The questions to ask yourself when choosing a mobile app development platform

mobile app

With the advancement of mobile technology use, it comes to no surprise that more organizations and individuals are interested in developing their own mobile app or apps. The problem is that there are a growing number of options for mobile app development platforms (MADP) to choose from.


Here is what to consider when picking the most suitable platform for mobile app development for you or your organization:

  1. The type of devices, operating systems and tools which will support the app.

Most mobile app development platforms can let users make apps which work with…

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