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Guidelines for succeeding with your latest e-commerce business idea

Cross Browser Extension Framework

E-commerce is the thing of the future according to all statistics and the forecasts by experts. Online shopping may even surpass the rate of brick and mortar shopping in the upcoming years. Even though the market is already filled with online entrepreneurs – some giant and other small, there is still a place for budding new e-commerce enthusiasts and professionals.



If you have a brilliant idea for an online business which you are sure that will make you millions of dollars, and you have found a way to provide…

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Can mobile shopping really kill the brick and mortar retail?

mobile platform and app developers

Even though it is much more likely that your reading or video viewing experience will be much better on a big screen, and that the sound quality of your phone calls will be much better if you use a landline, chances are – you are one of the billions of users who tends to use their smartphone for most or all of your online experiences and for most of your everyday tasks instead. Experts claim though that the smartphone shopping experience can be able to surpass the actual brick and mortar shopping in the near future. This is one…

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Meet Piggy – a cashback and coupon service everyone likes

The unique cashback program provided

Everybody loves getting a good deal, which is why more people are relying on incredibly handy and efficient cashback and discount websites, browser extensions and mobile apps providing discount information, price tracking, coupon code searches and other online shopping deals.

The website and cashback browser add on called Piggy has become growingly popular among users. It is largely automated and charmingly simple to use. Already rated with five stars, the browser add on is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.



Services provided

Piggy will do an extensive online search…

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How to succeed in the e-commerce war with the online retail giants

developing extensions

Even though the two leading online commerce giants: Amazon and Alibaba may seem to have overtaken the Internet shopping market, statistics and forecasts by experts show that smaller online retailers and start-ups stand a serious chance of winning over customers of their own as well.

The question is – how do you outsmart the giants, and how to successfully sell your products or services online and attract more customers who actually go ahead and order?



How the concept of “mass market” has been changing in the last decade

In order to understand and…

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Browser extensions which will help you save actual cash

cashback extensions

Instead of relying solely on those discount barcode scanning apps, and on your coupon clippings for the next best deal, you should consider downloading and using one or more of the incredibly useful bargain-hunting and cashback extensions created for your favorite Internet browser too.



Here are four of the top picks which you should definitely try out in order to enhance your online shopping experience and ensure that you get the best deal available next time when using your computer for online purchases:

  1. Honey
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Everything you need to know about the recent compromises of some popular Chrome extensions

popular Chrome extensions

For the last few weeks, more Chrome browser extension developers have become the target of an unknown attacker or group of attackers who have being able to break into their account and change the browser add on codes for malicious purposes.


More users worldwide are being affected by this malicious attack, and the number of Google Chrome extensions which have been compromised is growing. According to Proofpoint (a security vendor), the following Chrome browser extensions have already being hacked and compromised:

  • Chrometana 1.1.3
  • Web Developer 0.4.9
  • Web Paint 1.2.1
  • Infinitely New Tab 3.12.3
  • Social…
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Augmented reality could be decisive for the future of online shopping

shopping app

More tech and e-commerce experts are claiming that augmented reality could be the key to the future of online commerce. Now that it is pretty clear that the online shopping apps are prevailing and about to “kill” the brick and mortar stores and shopping malls, the interest and planning of improving user experience and attracting new customers to download and use a shopping app is becoming a key focal point of both retailers and professional mobile shopping app developers worldwide.



Devices with augmented reality features are already changing the…

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The ever-growing surge of mobile shopping apps – facts and forecasts

mobile shopping apps

The market share of shopping mobile apps comes in second after those for gaming and communication.



An estimated 26% of all smartphone users worldwide have downloaded and used shopping apps in 2016. The boost of shopping apps being downloaded is evident by the statistics showing a growth of 76% as compared to 2015.

Asian users take up 40% of the share of those who have downloaded mobile shopping apps, with India holding 25% of the share. North Americans are in second place with a share of 17%, and 13% of the…

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Which Google Chrome extensions you need to download right away

Google Chrome extensions

Even though more developers are using various tools, such as the Cross Browser Extension Framework offered by Besttoolbars to create browser extensions which can easily be accessed and used along with the different popular internet browsers, the majority of the users in the US and most marts of the world are inclined to prefer Google Chrome for their internet browsing experience. Statistics show that 60% of the market share in 2017 is dominated by chrome browser users and extensions, as compared to the 22% of those who prefer Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge.


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President of StuffDOT Inc. – Avery Morton kindly left us a short review

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Toolbars Studio Inc. dba is the developers’ Team leading development of biggest cashback services. Different functional has been developed such as Authorization, Cashback notification, SERP injections, Price Comparison etc.

President of StuffDOT Inc. – Avery Morton kindly left us a short review of the Projects completed by our Team.

ToolbarStudio Inc. is a leading developing Company specializing in cross-browser addons basing on ToolbarStudio Framework (C). In plain words we do 1 development for all major browsers. And yet we specialize in mobile…

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