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Why you should install a cashback browser extension right away

browser extensions that’ll help you save money

Among the wide variety of browser extensions available, there are some which can help you save and even earn cash, which are worth installing and using.

These shopping and cashback browser add ons will help you discover the best deal, provide you with rebates and give your reward points which you can then use for other online purchases and services.



Here is our take on the best shopping browser extensions which will help you save cash, and are easy to use:


This shopping add on for Chrome…

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The types of online payment integration for e-commerce owners

for e-commerce owners

When opening an online store, you should keep in mind the possible e-commerce online payment integration options you can add, to make the store easier to use, more popular and successful, because they will allow for safe, easy and secure payment and checkout. You can choose one or more of the three options, including: a browser plugin, a payment checkout page or add a full API integration to your online shop.



Here is some more detailed information regarding the 3 options for e-commerce payment integration:

The shopping browser extensions

A shopping

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How the development of role-based apps for employees can improve the performance and workflow

role-based apps for employees

The development of mobile aps for customers is becoming increasingly popular among all kinds of organizations, and some of them have been evolving and been upgraded several times already, so that they reach a “mature” level of usefulness and ease of use, which all organizations want.



The tendency for organizations developing mobile apps for their employees though doesn’t seem to be going through such a rapid evolution. This means that it is not uncommon practice of employees having to use a multitude of mobile apps in order to perform…

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Still wondering is it worth shopping through a cashback website or extension?

How the cashback websites work

If you are wondering why the hassle to shop through cashback websites instead of directly through the site of the retailer of your choice, there is a reason and it is the fact that you will actually get some of the money back for your purchase.  If you shop online via cashback websites, such as Quidco or TopCashback, these websites will get paid for referring you to the online retailer, and so will you.



There is no difference in the shopping experience via a cashback site, but…

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How to develop a browser extension which is compatible with all of the most popular browsers

How to develop a browser extension

The growing competition between the leading internet browsers has led to the development of better, more intuitive and error free functionalities, and to the development of various browser plugins which is a huge improvement for users around the world. At the same time, this rapid development is making the lives and jobs of the developers much more difficult, as they have to be able to create browser extensions and apps which meet the growing expectations of these users for easy to use, useful, safe and simple extensions and apps.


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On how browser extensions are changing our lives and our workflow

browser extensions

You may not have noticed it, but browser extensions are actually changing our workflow and how we work in general.  One useful app can save you from the arduous task of having to open multiple browser tabs and perform a wide variety of operation for one simple job.  Since 2015, when the popularity of browser extensions began increasing and the trust of users in these extensions was restored, their numbers and variations have increased immensely.



The reasons for the increasing popularity of browser extensions

More and more companies from the tiniest new…

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Shopping mobile apps any customer around the world can use

Shopping mobile apps

Even though the holiday season is over and along with it the holiday shopping craze for gifts and great deals, online shoppers still have some great opportunities to take advantage of. Last minute bargains, coupons and sales are still ongoing, and there are some easy ways to find these great deals without needing to spend hours on the Internet and without having to leave their homes.



Here are some excellent mobile shopping apps which will help users from around the world who prefer online shopping to find the…

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Why more consumers prefer online stores with augmented reality functionality and options

mobile app developers

Although most people associate Augmented Reality (AR) with Pokémon GO, more leading retail stores and brands are beginning to use AR to enhance the customers experience when shopping online.



Even though online shopping is growing in popularity, retailers still face some challenges in winning over customers and scoring more sales, because a large majority of the consumers still prefer to be able to actually see, feel or try out a product before actually buying it. This is the cause for many customers exiting the online stores without making a…

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Win cash prizes from our contest for browser extensions for shopping!

browser extensions for shopping

Interested in winning $100 or $50 by spending just 2 minutes reading about shopping browser extensions, their advantages, and how you can actually save quite a bit of money by downloading and installing them for use when online shopping?



NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY in order to participate in the Facebook contest!

OK. Please read this very brief description of browser extensions for shopping, the benefit of installing and using them and how they work:

Shopping browser extensions are plug-ins which you can install to extend the functionality…

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How virtual and augment reality technology can change the future of online shopping

E-commerce applications

Until recently, virtual reality (VR) seemed far-fetched and more of a subject for a sci-fi movie or book, but in 2016, major VR platforms by Facebook, Google and Sony were introduced or at least announced, which means that the future of VR technology and its use will most probably increase in volume and popularity. This means that VR and augmented reality (AR) can become a leading new technology for the ever growing e-commerce business as well.



Today, anyone can buy their own VR or AR hardware, and the advancements in this…

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