Most popular programming languages for mobile apps development

August 26th, 2016

The development of mobile apps is as popular as ever today.  With more companies, stores, and all kinds of organisations choosing to make their own app to offer to their clients and partners.

The question is what the most popular programming languages for mobile apps development are, and which one is the best choice for your app.


HTML5 is definitely a top choice in case you want a web-fronted mobile app. It is easy to learn if you are familiar with HTML. The problem with this language is that the different internet browsers support it in different ways. Still, there will be some tweaks which will change the way the different browsers handle this programming language.



One of the most widespread programming languages, Java is object-oriented and can be run either in a browser or as a separate virtual machine. Java is definitely a top pick for developers of Android apps, and not so much of a top choice for iOS mobile applications developers. The apps developed with Java can run across different platforms, which is definitely a plus.


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This is a great object oriented language for developing Windows and Android apps. It may be older than smartphones, but C++ is still a leader in low-level programing and developing some of the latest mobile apps.


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This is Apple’s number one choice for an iOS app programming language. It has most of the same functions as C++, but also has some unique display, graphic and I/O functions. It is the language which is fully integrated in iOS and MacOS. Soon though, Swift could be replacing it as the main language in Apple’s frameworks.


Swift is used for coding for Apple’s Cocoa Touch and Cocoa APIs. It works together with Objective-C, but it seems that Apple is planning to replace Objective-C entirely by Swift. It is safer against security vulnerabilities than Objective-C. So, for those of you who will be developing iOS apps, Swift is the language to choose.


C# is for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile what Objective-C is for Apple’s iOS. So, if you want mobile applications for Windows Mobile, C# should be the programming language of your choice.


Microsoft’s Windows Mobile


How to choose the language for your mobile app?

Obviously, if you want to develop an iOS app, you need to choose Swift or Objective-C.  For Windows Mobile, the choice is C#. But in general, the choice of the language depends on the knowledge and experience of your programmers and the specifics of your mobile app.

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