Programmatic advertising as a vector of improvement

June 20th, 2018

Programmatic advertising is the fastest growing channel in the digital industry and is already dominating the market. Spending on programmatic ads is expected to reach $60 billion in 2018.


programmatic advertising

So, what exactly is programmatic advertising

In simple terms, this is the process of using technology for buying and selling ad inventory via a data-driven, automated procedure and represents most types of online ad spaces including native and display ads, mobile and video.

The use of software for buying and selling digital advertising has replaced the traditional methods which include tenders, requests for proposals, inquiries, and human negotiation. The programmatic software now used machines and AI algorithms for purchasing ad display space. Given the ever-growing number of publishers online, this makes the process much faster, more precise in targeting the audience and much more efficient.

Here are some of the benefits of programmatic advertising

Although it does take time and resources for proper capitalization, programmatic advertising is hugely beneficial and has a number of advantages for both the ad sellers and buyers. Since the process is data-driven, there is no guesswork for the advertisers in regard to where and when to promote their products and services and a lot of money is saved from hit-or-miss ad campaigns which are not able to reach the right audience.

  • It is good for the ad budget. Your business will save a lot of money for ineffective advertising thanks to the usage of data by programmatic advertising for serving the impressions to the right audience.
  • Allows for better targeting. A wide variety of data points, as well as different key performance indicators, can be used for targeting the right audience and for easy reach of the target audience.
  • Provides better ad campaign management. The advertising campaigns can easily and quickly be adjusted and monitored whenever necessary without losing time, money and putting in a lot of effort.
  • Quick access to all inventories. Within the programmatic advertising network, the buyers and sellers are connected together in a highly efficient manner. This allows the advertisers to reach their target audience much faster than before, and all this on multiple platforms and devices.
  • The time-saving By cutting out the human element, programmatic ad buying and selling is faster because there is no need for spending time negotiating the terms or brokering price points.
  • A better and bigger reach. With this software and advertiser can reach potential customers around the world by placing ads on multiple channels, networks, partners and in different geographical locations
  • The system provides data regarding areas for The programmatic ad system will not only launch an ad campaign but will also monitor the spending and the performance of the ads which provides useful data about areas for improvement.
  • It is simple. Even though the technical side, the hardware, the software and algorithms involved in programmatic advertising may seem very techy and complicated, the process of using it is really easy.

Final words

If you are asking whether using programmatic advertising will help improve the efficiency of your advertising campaign and help boost sales and conversions? The answer is – if done properly it most surely will!


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