How and why you should use push notifications for your e-commerce business

March 28th, 2018

Wondering what the fuss is about the importance of push notifications for e-commerce? These notifications which are clickable messages sent to the subscribers of a website work just like mobile app notifications.


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Here is why your e-commerce business should implement push notifications for your website

Web based and mobile app based push notifications are one of the most essential communication channels for any type of e-commerce business, along with e-mail, text messaging and social media. E-commerce organizations need to use these channels in order to reach out to their customers, to increase the traffic to their site and of course to increase the sales volumes.

Although e-mail is one of the best ways to promote new products, advertise upcoming discounts and sales, recover abandoned carts and deliver information about a purchase, push notifications and text messages have an advantage of sending time-bound information which reaches the potential customers immediately, unlike e-mails which are usually read much later on. This is why using push notifications for time sensitive information, such as the status of a delivery or daily sales or coupons is a much more efficient way to reach the target audience and your existing customers to provide them with useful information which they can act upon immediately.

Social media in a way is even more efficient in reaching customers, since on average people spend much more time on social media as compared to any other website or online activity. The problem is that a very few of those members of the audience reached actually react to social media based messages from e-commerce companies. Push notifications are much more efficient when immediate reaction is the goal.

Text messages are usually read immediately, but the problem with them is that they are difficult to be found later on, and also they are limited to a maximum of 160 characters which is usually insufficient for the message you are trying to send to your potential customers.

Advantages of push notifications

Push notifications for mobile apps allow for delivering promotional content in real time and have a much higher response rate as compared to e-mail.

Push notifications may seem similar to SMS messages, but they give users an option to opt in or out, and to control which types of messages they want to receive unlike text messages.

Website push notifications are essential for e-commerce, because while the rate of users choosing to shop online via mobile phones and devices is growing, currently the average person still spends more than 40% of their internet time on their computers. This means that e-commerce companies can reach to these people via the useful web based push notifications.

Plus, website push notifications are a cheaper variant as compared to having to invest in the development of your own mobile app with mobile push notifications.

Here is how website push notifications work:

  1. You need to ask the user to opt-in before adding them to your subscriber list.
  2. You can then send push notifications with links to your landing page or another URL to all subscribers in real time even if the browser is currently closed.
  3. You need to invest in good copywriting due to the limited characters of push notifications and especially in writing headlines and brief, credible, concise and clear messages which will convince more users click on the URL link.
  4. You have to plan the timing for the push notification depending on the time zone and pick the right time of the day if you want immediate reactions from your subscribers.
  5. You must carefully spread out the use of such notifications so that you don’t scare away your subscribers.

You should track and analyze the metrics, and most importantly the click rate of your notifications as well as the sales, and the visits to add to cart or checkout page.

By properly using web based push notifications you can attract more subscribers to visit your website and to actually go ahead and purchase your products or services.


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