The questions to ask yourself when choosing a mobile app development platform

October 23rd, 2017

With the advancement of mobile technology use, it comes to no surprise that more organizations and individuals are interested in developing their own mobile app or apps. The problem is that there are a growing number of options for mobile app development platforms (MADP) to choose from.


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Here is what to consider when picking the most suitable platform for mobile app development for you or your organization:

  1. The type of devices, operating systems and tools which will support the app.

Most mobile app development platforms can let users make apps which work with iOS and Android operating systems, but there are some which can help users make apps for Windows, Blackberry and even a few MADPs which can help people develop mobile apps for Symbian or MeeGo operating systems.  Also, some platforms are more suitable for making mobile apps which will be used on smart devices such as smartwatches or personal assistants rather than just by the standard smartphones and tablets.  This is why picking a platform which will enable you to develop a mobile app for the devices and operating systems which you want it to support is the first step to take when choosing the best MADP for you or your organization.

  1. The deployment options provided by the MADP

The different platforms for mobile app development offer different deployment options for the apps made. The multitude have cloud-based service which can provide the environment necessary for the deployment of the finished app, whilst others have options for using a private cloud or data centers on the premises of the users as deployment options. This is essential for users who need to have a certain level of control over the mobile app and the other components of its environment.

  1. The development environment provided by the MADP

You will find that most platforms provide users with access to third party libraries for scripts, or have ready-made plug-ins which can be used by the developers alongside their own integrated development environments for the development of a mobile app. Other platforms include a proprietary integrated development environment which means that you should make sure that in includes all necessary features for the development process, including; modules, templates, compilers, code editors and previewers.

Also, the level of customization of the mobile app depends on the supported rapid mobile application development level provided by the platform, so this needs to be taken into consideration as well when picking the most suitable MADP.

  1. The back-end and middleware services provided

Features such as: storage, computation and networking resources needed for supporting the entire mobile app lifecycle are essential when you are picking a MADP for a mobile app which you want to keep running seamlessly.  You need to look for a platform which offers all services you need for your mobile app, such as code management, data storage, push notification issuing and securing back end systems.

  1. The integration level offered

If you want to integrate the platform with other tools, or if you want your mobile app to have access to your centralized database, you should look for a development platform which provides integration with third party services as well as data points.

  1. The control and protection of sensitive data

Security should be top priority when picking the best MADP, so take the time to examine the features for data protection, access control, policy settings, encryption and other security related features offered by the development platform.

  1. The lifecycle management support provided

Make sure that you choose a MADP which will help you design, develop, test, deploy, distribute, update, manage, support as well as analyze your mobile app, so as to ensure that you have control over the entire app lifecycle management.

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