The reasons why developing a mobile app should be a top priority for developers in 2018

March 5th, 2018

The increasing dependence on and use of smartphones on a global level has now made it essential for IT companies and web development companies to prioritize mastering the art of mobile app development as soon as possible.


developing a mobile app


In the competitive and constantly moving business of development being able to keep up with the latest trends is crucial.

The fact that cutting edge technologies are being introduced almost every day is what attracts people in the industry of development, but this means constantly learning new programming skills and constantly following the latest trends and expansions in the sphere.


Currently, one trend which cannot be overlooked is the mobile app development.

The truth is that mobile retail is booming and the forecasts are that in 2018, m-commerce sales will account for over 31% of all sales. This is a huge increase compared to the 10% share it had back in 2012.

Also, the mobile conversion rates have also grown by 30% as compared to those in 2012. This trend shows that m-commerce is constantly growing and will be decisive for the retail business in the near future.

The sales made online on Black Friday in the US in 2018 broke all records and reached $5.03 billion of which 2 billion were made on mobile.

An even more stunning result was reported by AliBaba for the sales made on Singles Day in China which reached $25 billion in 2018, topping the record of $18 billion from 2017.

For app developers it is essential to understand how these trends will affect the businesses as well as the customers and to meet the expected growing demand of stores and businesses to deploy their own storefront mobile apps.


How will all this affect the developers?

Any modern developer should already have the skillset necessary to adapt to the mobile app development requirement. While Java is still considered the most popular programing language it is definitely worth looking at the other language trends as well.

In May 2017 Google announced it official programming language for Android app development – Kotlin. It is already considered an excellent alternative to Java by many developers.

Also, learning Swift which is the programming language used for developing iOS or macOS apps is also gaining popularity among developers who have proclaimed it to be user friendly and close to the Ruby and Python languages which the average developer already is familiar with.

But learning and mastering the programing language is not enough. Mobile app developers need to get familiar with the latest cutting edge technologies including AI and AR which are expected to have a huge impact on the future of online shopping and on mobile apps.

So while it is interesting and fun being a developer it also requires constant skill development and learning in order to keep up with the latest trends and be able to develop apps which are in line with the latest tendencies and meet the needs of the mounting number of mobile users.

For organizations which plan on developing a mobile app by themselves, there are easier options such as using a mobile app development platform (MADP) or use the easier rapid mobile app development (RMAD) approach where little or no coding is required.

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