Some remarkable statistics about online consumers in 2016

January 4th, 2017

In 2016, online shopping has shown the biggest rise in years. Adobe claims that the Black Friday online sales of this year reached 3.34 billion dollars, which was 26% more than in 2015. The mobile sales reached 1.2 billion dollars and thus a growth of 33% from last year.


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Cyber Monday also reached record online sale volumes of 3.39 billion dollars, which made it the day with the biggest volume of online sales in history. Here are some facts about the online shopping consumers of 2016 in the USA, which are proof of how customers are evolving:

  1. Every two out of five customers claim to be alright about interacting with chatbots when shopping online, because it is easier and makes transactions faster. The tendency is expected to continue with more retailers using Facebook messenger bots to contact and inform customers about the status of their order, new deals, etc.
  2. 60% of the consumers have used a combined buy online and in-store pickup service, according to Astound Commerce, and obviously this tendency will be growing too, because it saves money and time for delivery for the retailers and for the customers.
  3. More than 50% of the consumers asked have confessed that they prefer to interact with technology rather than face to face with a sales clerk
  4. 80% of the customers claim that having a detailed content regarding the product available is crucial for their decision making when online or mobile shopping.
  5. People like rating tools and take the ratings into consideration when choosing to buy online or not. For example, more than 90% of the consumers asked claimed that they wouldn’t buy a product from Amazon which has a rating of less than 3 stars.
  6. 85% of the customers on Amazon choose not to buy or hesitate to do so because of slow shipping and shipping charges. So, delivery time and cost is something which online retailers must work on optimizing.
  7. Only about 40% of the online retailers offer a loyalty app, which is not good because customers want to be rewarded and recognized for their customer loyalty, according to
  8. 70% of the online shoppers will agree to mobile push notifications and in-store tracking by retailers if incentives are offered, according to Walker Sands Communications.
  9. More than 88% of the consumers want free shipping, which according to them leaves them with a perception that they are saving money.
  10. The online purchase of luxury products has increased 4 times since 2014, which is proof that customers are looking more into buying the good stuff these days.
  11. The thing consumers want is that the website, the shopping browser extensions or mobile shopping app loads and works fast, and that the user interface is intuitive and simple, which is what on line retailers should be investing in.


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