How to search documents on Android

August 26th, 2016

The task to search for text in your documents and files has always been important for all operating systems. Many software applications are developed for this purpose for different operating systems such as grep for Linux, FileSeek and SeekFast for Windows and many others. Recently, several applications have been developed for Android.


Google Gesture

You can try Google’s Gesture search app. It is easy to use and allows you to quickly search and access applications, contacts, settings, music or bookmarks on your Android phone or other device.  The interesting part is that the search is done by doodling or scribbling numbers or letters on the screen.

This app learns through your gestures and search history, and the search improves each time you use it.

Google Gesture

Andro Search

Another top pick is Andro Search app. It can quickly search through your documents, files, apps and even your contacts.  The search can be performed by name of the file, extension type, as well as for certain words or text in the documents. It can search PDF files, eBooks, Office word, excel, power point, Evernote, QuickOffice, OpenOffice documents and others.

Andro Search can help you quick search through your contact list by searching for name, address, e-mail or phone.  It has a type-ahead functionality as well as fuzzy search option to override typos and misspelling when entering the search text.

To save you time, this app will offer you search previews of all items found so you can quickly locate the one you are looking for.

You can also use this Android search app to search for certain artists, albums, titles through your music and video files.

This clever app will also help you view all other apps which you have installed recently, in case you forgot their names.


Andro Search



Another one of our top picks is the Searcher (Fulltext search) app which allows you to easily search text and PDF files for certain words or texts.

The search is performed quickly, and works swiftly even when searching very large document files.

It is easy to use and is developed by AppPie. Download it at Google Play Store for free.




Auto App organizer

For finding different apps on your Android device, you could install Auto App Organizer. This app will keep your mobile apps in order, and will sort them for you, so that you can easily find them and access them.

This nice app has very accurate auto-categorisation features.  It has a useful “Unused” folder where all apps which you haven’t used in the past 30 days get placed.  There are system, tools, Internet, keep-me and newbies folders too.


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