Secret tip on saving money and getting cashback online and in brick and mortar stores

February 28th, 2018

Even if you feel quite happy about your use of discount coupons and promo codes for your online purchases, you may not be aware that there are a number of other ways to get discounts and save money for your purchases as well.


cashback browser extension


Here are some tips which work both online and in physical stores and do not require that you apply for and pay for store membership:

  1. Check your credit card perks. Make sure you check and take advantage of the various offers, discounts and extended guarantees and other perks which your credit card company offers.
  2. Find out whether your medical insurance plans includes additional benefits which you are not aware about including gym membership or wellness program discounts.
  3. Ask the cash registry associate about any sales specials or daily discounts.
  4. Make an inquiry about any discount coupon codes via the live chat feature (if they have one) when you are shopping online via a mobile app or the web.
  5. If you are shopping for electronics make sure you ask if the retailers offers discounted open box, floor models or scratched products.
  6. Use a cashback browser extension when shopping online. Extensions such as Honey work with both Chrome and Firefox and will automatically search for working promotional coupon codes and apply them for your purchase.
  7. Use a price matching mobile shopping app such as the Shop Savvy app which allows you to scan the barcode of the product of your choice and check whether it is available at a lower price in another store or online.
  8. Buy discounted gift cards not as gifts for others but for yourself. This can save you quite a bit of cash especially when shopping in stores which rarely have actual sales.
  9. Take advantage of this neat trick and close the browser or the mobile app just before you are ready to check out the product you want to buy. If you have registered via an e-mail address you will most likely receive an abandoned cart discount code of 10-20% pretty soon. This is a common practice by a number of online retailers, so make sure you try it out next time you are shopping.
  10. Register and login to a cashback site and search there for a retailer or product or service of your choice. Reputable cashback sites will pay you back various percentages of the cash you spend via their website. This will allow you to get some of that hard earned money back from your online shopping for nearly any kind of products or services you buy.
  11. Sign up for Paribus and get ready to share your e-mail order confirmations and receipts. Paribus will keep a tab o them and in case the price drops at any of the retailers monitored by it you will be refunded the difference.

No matter how comfortable you feel about the purchases you have made either online or offline, it always helps to take these extra steps to ensure that you are really getting the best deal, and that you can not only save money but even get some money back for all that shopping you do online or in brick and mortar stores!


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