How to get a share of the multi-billion e-commerce profit – tips for better conversions

November 2nd, 2017

Statistics show that more the 1 billion of the 4 billion internet users worldwide are shopping online in 2017, and the forecasts are that the revenues from e-commerce will hit the $4 trillion mark by 2020.  This tendency is a clear sign that small and big businesses need to consider e-commerce to become their forefront, if they want to get a share of the growing profits from internet commerce.


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But doing this is not a simple task. Existing business owners and new businesses need to put in some extra planning, effort and resources in order to get better conversions and win over more customers to make more sales online.

Here are the recommendations given by experts from the Forbes Business Development Council for increasing your online conversions:

  1. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

A business owner or entrepreneur must study and truly understand the journey which their target customer takes when shopping online. This means that if you want to understand your client’s experience, you should literally go through all steps of the shopping process and objectively rate the experience in regard to: product search and selection speed, ease-of-use, seamlessness of the transaction and delivery, and so on. This experiment will help you improve any bugs or problems you encounter, and will help you enhance the shopping experience for users, because this is what today’s internet users are looking for – a fast, easy and seamless, hassle free shopping experience.

  1. Increase the brand loyalty of your existing customers

Internet users today are used to performing research and getting influenced by the other users’ reviews and shopping experience and satisfaction, which is why you should work on strengthening the loyalty of your customers and improving their opinion of your products and services. This can be done with adding or prompting users to leave reviews for your products and shopping process, adding appropriate and attractive images of the products, useful Q&A sections, as well as other user-generated content to your online store, your mobile shopping app, and browser extension and to your Facebook or other social media profile as well.

  1. Make sure you retarget potentially interested customers

Don’t just wave off the potential customers who abandon their shopping cart before proceeding through the final checkout, but rather take the time to analyze the possible reasons for this, as well as make sure that you keep the customer interested in returning to your store and product by having an add follow them for at least 90 days after their visit.

  1. Don’t forget to add more human touch

Even though more that 92% of online shoppers have admitted to prefer self-service, it is still more likely that the majority of customers expect to have the ability to contact and engage with a representative of your business via a chat-box, phone, e-mail or other. This is why, you should always add an easy to use and helpful contact option for your existing and new customers.

  1. Do not be tempted to sacrifice pretty design for functionality or vice versa

Remember that customers are attracted by good looking design which engages them to go on with the shopping process, and at the same time expect the online store, app or extension to be intuitive, user friendly and without unnecessary steps or requirements along the way for a quick and easy shopping experience.

  1. keep your customers engaged outside of the actual transaction

Keep your customers happy and loyal by providing them with different additional incentives, such as online contests, giveaways, Q&A’s and other options, and keep them engaged with your social media profiles and presence.

  1. Improve the overall experience and create a less generic checkout process

The shopping process should flow naturally from one stage to the other and towards the checkout point even though the shop is virtual and the customer is located else ware you want all of your customers to feel as comfortable as possible, so that they complete their purchases, and also so that they will consider returning for future shopping as well.

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