Startup trends and statistics for 2017. Prognosis

April 23rd, 2018

When starting a new business or any other initiative it is imperative to look at the statistics. You need to know what to expect, how your competitors are doing and what kind of prognosis you can make for the future of your startup.


Startup trends


The statistics for startups in 2017 don’t seem to be too hopeful for newcomers. In 2017 over 57 startups closed up but given the advent of Internet of Things, AI and blockchain there is a much better perspective for startup companies in 2018.

Here is a brief prognosis and the latest trends to expect from startups in 2018

Artificial Intelligence will prosper

In 2017 artificial intelligence blossomed, with the topic of AI becoming a leading one in many blogs, board meetings, articles, pitch decks and marketer talks.

While all this noise about artificial intelligence did create quite a hype last year, it seems that marketers are not yet ready to capitalize on AI initiatives mainly due to its fairly early age of development. Expectations are that in 2018 AI tech will develop immensely in 2018 and that marketers and business and online giants will start putting their money on the developers who work restlessly on improving AI, machine learning, and advanced AI-based analytics.

Already thousands of companies are established with the sole goal of using AI in all kinds of industries including pharmaceuticals, robotics, cybersecurity, legal tech and many others. In 2018 you can expect that AI is going to present in your everyday life starting with your personal online assistants and reaching to your car, office, newsrooms and even in court

Studies have found that up to 15.8 trillion dollars will be contributed by AI tech business by 2030 and could be the thing that creates trillionaires.

Disruptive innovation is still a thing in 2018

Disruptive innovation companies create new markets or transform existing ones by introducing simpler, more convenient, accessible and affordable alternatives to existing products and services.

Some common examples include Uber, Oyo, and Airbnb which led to the foundation of an on-demand economy and resulted in customers wanting similar products and services for all other industries as well. In 2018, customers will want to get anything via their mobile phone, so disruptive innovation startups should capitalize on this increasing demand this year.

Internet of Things will be important in 2018

business in 2018

With the growing number of devices being connected to the internet, it is not surprising that expectations are that startups which focus on Internet of Things will thrive in 2018 as well. Forecasts are that Internet of Things will move its current experimental stage to a true business in 2018.

Internet of Things deployments will further be boosted by merging them blockchain technologies. The reliable, stable, secure a seamless blockchain infrastructure can integrate easily with the Internet of Things


With bitcoin reaching its all-time high value in 2017, and with new cryptocurrencies being introduced on a daily basis, expectations are that they will revolutionize the market, and this may start in 2018. More online payments in the hundreds of different cryptocurrencies are being accepted which will definitely continue in 2018.


Overall, 2018 looks great for new startups that come up with ideas in the above and other spheres of technology and business. Internet voice search, AI, blockchain, crypto and the Internet of Things seem like a good place to start if you looking for starting a successful business this year.


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