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March 23rd, 2018

Online business is overtaking the world of commerce, and even though the market is boosting and the internet retail giants have comfortably settled in, there are still ways to enter the world of e-commerce as a startup.

More people have come to the realization that starting their own online retail business is a great way to earn money for themselves instead of working for others. Still, running an online store can quickly become quite complicated and out of hand if you are new to e-commerce and do not plan properly.


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Here are the essential steps to take if you want to establish a successful e-commerce business startup

  1. Find a niche which needs filling

Rather than spending endless hours and days brainstorming the products or services you want to sell online, it is a much better idea to focus on the market instead. Find an existing need on the market which needs to be tended to. It is a great idea to take the time to look at different online forums and communities where people are discussing problems and are not able to find the solution to meet their demands.

  1. Content is king

Make sure invest time and resources on proper content marketing for your online store. You need to capture the attention of the people who land your site and to keep their attention and gain their trust. Do that by writing compelling headlines, giving easy to read and interesting solutions for problems which your product or service will give, make sure you establish yourself as a credible problem-solver, list the benefits of the products for the customers, make an offer and add reviews and testimonials to raise brand awareness and help promote your online business and sales.

  1. Plan, design and build a website

Once you know your market and your product list it is time to design and develop a website. The design and navigation needs to be impressive and yet simple, so that people stay interested and take the time to browse through it and eventually purchase your products. Use high quality images, videos and graphics and make navigation and check-out as easy and intuitive as possible especially when accessed via mobile phone or device. The next step is to develop a mobile app to attract the growing number of users who prefer to shop via their mobile phones.

  1. Work for increasing the traffic to your website

Pay per click is a great way to start attracting more traffic to your site. It is also a very efficient way to test various keywords, sale approaches, prices and others. Find the words which convert best, and then use them in the code and the content of your website to improve search engine rankings.

  1. Establish a good reputation

When you provide free and valuable information online you will attract more visitors to your website. If you give it to other sites, your search engine ranking and traffic will grow further. Use social media and internet platforms to distribute your written, video or other content to more people. Include sharing or send to a friend options to increase your reach.

  1. Use e-mail marketing

Create an opt-in list for your website and ask customers and visitors to subscribe to get a better offer, discounts or other incentives. Getting a list of e-mails of current and potential customers is essential for analysis and for the future promotion of your business and of new products and services!

  1. Use upselling and back-end sales for further increase of your income

Your work is not done as soon as you close a sale! The key is to get your customers to come back and buy again. This can happen by adding other products which complement the original purchase to your product line, or by listing related products, sending loyalty coupons for discounts to existing customers as well as other incentives to raise brand loyalty.


Overall, starting your own online business is not such a difficult and costly task if you take the time to create a plan, analyze your market, develop a good looking and easy to use website and then proceed to reach your potential customers and provide them with exactly what they are looking for!


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