What to strive for when developing a mobile app for your company

June 1st, 2017

In modern times, when more people are relying on their smartphones and other smart devices for any type of information and for various tasks, it is not surprising that mobile app development is growing at overwhelming rates. It does seem that there is a mobile pap for virtually anything these days. More companies and organizations are adding mobile app development for their specific needs, products and customers as a top priority to their marketing and business plans.


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But in order to make a mobile app attractive to more users and actually useful for your business, some serious research as well as preferably the help of experienced mobile app developers is essential.


What the statistics show

Statista released a report, according to which the expected gross annual revenue of the market for mobile apps will reach an astounding 189 billion US dollars by 2020. Other statistics show that last year users downloaded 149.3 billion mobile apps to their various devices and phones. The expected quantity of downloaded apps in 2021 is nearly 353 billion!

Then again, according a report from Mobile commerce daily, nearly 45% of the users are not satisfied with their experience with the mobile apps they have downloaded. The average rate of users quitting and uninstalling a mobile app in the first three days after installing it is about 77%, and those who after 30 days of use are about 90%.


How to attract more users for your mobile app



This is why hiring an experienced mobile app developer is essential, if you want your mobile app to attract users and to keep them interested in using it for longer. Here are some tips which you should keep in mind when planning the development of a mobile application:

  1. Know and understand your users. Do research of your target users, and analyze their status as well as their expectations for the mobile app. You must know what they like and what they dislike, in order to create a product which meets their needs as closely as possible.
  2. Keep the UI of your app simple and yet attractive. Users are not fond of complicated and confusing interfaces. Make sure your app is intuitive, with clear and visible content which is easy to access and use.
  3. Make the app compatible with as many devices as possible. The phone and mobile device market is increasing, and users choose devices with different screen sizes and running under different operating systems. If your mobile app is compatible with more devices and operating systems – it is more likely to be downloaded and used by more users.
  4. Provide quick loading and use. The quicker the users can load and use your mobile app – the happier they will be with the experience. This is why testing the mobile app during the development and before its release is essential.
  5. Make sure you provide regular updates. You should continuously identify and correct bugs, mistakes and other problems your mobile app has. By improving the performance of your app on a regular basis you show care for the users and they will more likely stick to using it.
  6. Guarantee the security of your users. Your app should request app permissions and more personal data and details, if this is not essential for the functionality of your app.


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