The tendencies for mobile shopping at the end of 2016

December 28th, 2016

The latest statistics are showing a growing share of online shopping is now being done via mobile phones and tablets. It is obvious that more and more consumers are appreciating the fact that it is now so easy and quick to shop from wherever they are and at whatever time of the day or night. This convenience, as well as the fact that more mobile apps are being developed to make mobile online shopping easier, faster and safer.


mobile shopping


According to a survey performed by a couple of agencies, many consumers find that it is much easier and faster to compare prices via their mobile apps and by shopping online with their mobile devices. Plus, more retailers are offering a quite convenient in-store pickup for its customers.


How the retailers should handle the growth of e-commerce

It is a fact that the more shopping options and channels are offered by a retailer, the more likely they will be successful and preferred by the customers.  This means, that the retailers who offer options for online, mobile or in store shopping, in-store pickups, deliveries as well as combinations of these options are more likely to attract more customers.

According to the editor in chief of DealCrunch, Lauren Keys, customers now are becoming more and more comfortable with doing their online shopping not only through their computers, but by using their mobile devices as well, and those retailers who are quick enough to take advantage of this tendency will be the winners. Retailers are looking at tools and options to unify their online, mobile and in store purchase options. Services and options like easier returns and exchanges, better prices, shipping costs and shipping times are things which they are focusing on, so that the customer doesn’t choose to look for other options for shopping. According to Keys, the tendency is to be able to offer a more customized experience for the customers.


The future of mobile shopping

According to a report from Business Insider by 2020, mobile shopping will reach 45% of the entire online commerce. In terms of money, mobile sales will reach about $284 billion.

New mobile shopping apps for mobile devices are being released daily, but one of the most active ones currently is Shopkick. This mobile app offers rewards to the users who walk in certain stores. The developers of this app claim that since its launch in 2010, shoppers have redeemed about 7 million gift cards and have earned rewards of about $25 million.

At the same time, the Better Business Bureau is warning users to be careful with the shopping apps they download, because there have been reports of scams and phony retail apps in Android and Apple stores. Before downloading such a mobile app, take a closer look at it, and look for suspicious indications such as:

  • Not having earlier versions
  • Spelling errors or poor grammar
  • The retailer doesn’t have its own app


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