Tips for improving your online sales

November 10th, 2016

If you have an e-commerce business, then you know that goal number one is to increase your sales, not only because of the obvious reason, but also because your confidence increases and so does your striving for improvement of the customer experience, as well as the desire to expand your market.

You shouldn’t think that because you sell products, you should stop creating content for your online shop. In actuality, content matters when a customer is making a purchasing decision. It helps create the mood. If you present your product in the proper way – with detailed descriptions, video, audio or animations, it is what will leave a more lasting impression in the mind of the potential customer.


Tips for improving your online sales


Know your potential customers

First of all, learn to differentiate between buyers who know what they are looking for, and shoppers who are browsing through different online stores in order to choose the product they want to buy.

You need to add more content and options to educate the shoppers.


Develop and add a shopping browser extension

You also need to create an attractive and user friendly browser extension for shopping and a mobile app, which the customers will like and use over and over.  To do so, you need to rely on experienced developers who know how to improve your extension’s SERP (Search engine result position), offer useful tools such as product price comparison, and have options for notifying the customers about new products, deals and opportunities through pop up notification messages.

Offer your customers different customer reviews for your products and services, also an option to contact you if they have question, options for them to give their opinion about your products and services and other options to keep them engaged. Creating an option for direct communication between the customers and you can definitely improve your performance, because various studies show that nearly 75% of the buyers prefer to ask their questions online rather than call or e-mail the online store.

You can help your customers get easy answers to their questions by adding a FAQ page too.


Improve your content

Make sure the content of your online store is not only keywords crammed together, but rather – quality content which can serve the ideal customer. Show that you care about your customers. Use short and digestible sentences, visuals and bullet point lists for easier reading.

With the rise of the use of mobile phones for shopping, you should consider making your online store webpage mobile friendly.  You can also think about the development of a mobile shopping app for your customers as well.


Develop your own browser extension

The best option to improve your sales and widen your e-commerce market is to find developers who have the experience and skills to develop your browser shopping extensions, your mobile apps, and help you improve your internet search engine results position in the leading search engines: Google, Yahoo, Baidu and others.

The experts from can offer you excellent solutions for improving your online sales, your search engine result positions, creating user friendly and useful browser shopping extensions and apps.


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