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April 19th, 2018

With the rapidly developing technology and the growing use of the internet for all kinds of purposes, it is not surprising that the demand for faster, and more intuitive and useful web-based tools is growing.


Browser extensions


Browser extensions and toolbars are still very much in use, due to the fact that they are great for expanding the capabilities of the internet browser and provide valuable and timely services, information or other services to the users while browsing the web.

There are some other tendencies which are expected to become more influential in 2018 when it comes to web design and web browsing experience.


Here is what to expect in the world of web design this year:

  1. Mobile will become a priority

Well, this is already becoming evident, but given the statistics from last year and the rapid increase of website traffic generated via mobile phones and devices, it is not surprising that the tendency for making your website more mobile friendly could be essential for your success.  This is why the AMP open source coding standard which allows for quick loading of websites on mobile devices is a must for web designers and developers in 2018.

  1. Irregular grid layouts

Expectations are that in 2018 more web designers will shift towards using more neutral space as well as irregular grid designs to make the content easier to read and the page easier to navigate, which will encourage people to spend more time on the website.

  1. Bright colors and bold fonts

In 2018, the bold fonts and colors will start replacing the images in an effort to grab and keep the attention of people visiting a website. Large images can slow down a page especially when scrolling on a mobile device, which is why designers are stressing on the use of fonts and colors to improve the performance and attract traffic.

  1. Giving users more options for micro-interactions

Internet users love to interact with a post or message via the traditional Facebook like, or by sharing or sending it to someone. This means that websites which want to attract more attention must provide the users means to interact with a post or other content quickly and without the need of reloading a page

  1. Advanced animations triggered by scrolling

The tendency for using minimalist, strategic or educational scroll triggered animations to keep the user engaged and increase conversion will become even more evident in 2018.

  1. More responsive design

The UX revolution will continue in 2018, with designers and developers making web pages which can seamlessly be resized in order to fit in and look good on the display on any kind of device, because people are using more and more different smart and internet connected devices to browse the web these days.

  1. AI and machine learning

These technologies have grown immensely and have now hit the mainstream, which is why in 2018 it is expected that they will be blended in web design even more.

  1. Progressive web apps

Adding elements such as push notifications, animated page transitions and splash screens to websites will become a popular tendency for web designers who are looking to find ways to blend the best of apps and the web.

Is your website ready for 2018? Make sure you follow the recent trends if you want to boost your sales, attract new viewers or customers by staying in line with the latest trends in the busy world of web design.


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