The types of online payment integration for e-commerce owners

April 10th, 2017

When opening an online store, you should keep in mind the possible e-commerce online payment integration options you can add, to make the store easier to use, more popular and successful, because they will allow for safe, easy and secure payment and checkout. You can choose one or more of the three options, including: a browser plugin, a payment checkout page or add a full API integration to your online shop.


for e-commerce owners


Here is some more detailed information regarding the 3 options for e-commerce payment integration:

The shopping browser extensions

A shopping browser extension will make sure that the payment transactions through your online store are made easier and are connected to a payment gateway to make the payment seamless and safe. You can order expert professional browser extension developers to help you make such a shopping cart add on, which will definitely make your website easier to use and thus preferred by more customers. You can also use online tools to make such an extension by yourself. One such tool is WooCommerce. This is a relatively easy option for e-commerce integration because these add ons require minimum customization and are integrated easily and quickly to the website. This option though offers limited functionality and the limited customization of a ready-made app can be a problem.

A checkout page (payment form)

Adding a checkout page to your online store website is another option, which provides your customers a safe transfer to a secure payment page at checkout to enter their details safely before being re-directed back to your website after they complete the checkout. There are various templates available for checkout pages, but of course, you can design your own payment form if you prefer.  A multitude of the online payment processors will offer you white labeling of their own checkout pages, which will provide your customers with a seamless and invisible transaction from your webpage to them. Either you choose to have a separate standalone payment form, or you can embed the form of your payment processor into your payment form page.

This integration option is slightly more complicated than the browser plug in option, but is still easy to make and allows for a quick, efficient and secure payment as all entered information is encrypted and protected.

The API integration option

This option is the one which offers more flexibility for the integration and customization, in accordance to your specific preferences and needs. An API (Application Programming Interface) is used to build and fully integrate the online payment options to your online store. This approach means that the payment page is hosted directly by your website rather than the payment processor, as the previous two options provide. You can customize your checkout page and control the entire customer experience by applying this full API integration option. This is definitely the option which offers the most flexibility and customizations, so that you can make it to suit your specific needs. It can include additional features such as: mobile checkout, catalogs for the products, one-click purchase, subscription billing and more. The possible cons of this option are that you do need professional help and technical knowledge to implement it, and also PCI compliance is required for the acceptance of debit and credit card payments.

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