How the voice search technology can affect the perspectives of marketing

June 21st, 2018

Inspired by Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise circa interaction from back in 1966, today Alexa is already occupying tens of millions of homes around the world. Today, you can speak to a number of objects and devices in your home and car and on your phone and can get replies or get them to do whatever you need.


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Of course for iOS users, Siri has become an irreplaceable virtual voice assistant too, and so are the various other voice interfaces being introduced by different tech and Internet companies such as Cortana, Watson Assistant, and others.

Now, nearly 50% of all Americans use voice assistants, and the trend seems to be growing.

The new trends of robots which are using machine learning, neural networks as well as natural language processing seem to be bringing us closer to the Ex Machina reality.

Not only the software and hardware producers and developers are working restlessly on developing voice assistants, but people in marketing are becoming engaged in adding the new technology as part of their marketing tools and strategy too.

Here is how voice assistants are affecting marketing.

  1. Voice assistants are giving emphasis on the featured snippet

Google Assistant will frequently provide answers to voice searches from the website at rank position zero. This makes it essential to focus on optimizing the featured snippet in order for the website to turn up as a result of a voice query rather than only focusing on the SEO of the website content solely.

  1. Voice assistants yield more traffic

Google’s voice assistant is prompting users to go ahead and read more after providing the initial answer to a voice search. This means that the user is provided a link to the website to get more information.

  1. Voice assistants are leading to better content

This new tech has caused marketers to work on improving their content and tell better and longer stories in a more natural language. Also, voice searches have pushed brands to be creative and add new types of content in order to help build up loyalty, trust, and mindshare by customers.

  1. New forms of advertising are emerging

Instead of just offering ads, voice assistants are making it possible for the users to control the content and the information they want to get. It is expected that a “tell your story” type of advertising will emerge in order to reach to more customers using voice assistants for online product and service searches, and for more information on how to choose the best ones.

  1. Personalization is being enhanced

As voice assistant tech is developing and now that the assistants can recognize voices, the approach and the results are becoming much more personalized. This is a factor which inevitably affects the way advertisers choose to reach to their potential target audience and will help them get more insights about reaching the different users in one single household.

  1. The way products are being pushed has been affected

Voice assistants are changing the way products and companies are pushed to customers. Now, customers don’t even need to get up from the couch, or even to reach out to their phones to use a mobile app to order a pizza or buy anything they need. This is a game changer for marketing, and now it is clear that users want everything to be quick, effortless and yet of high quality. This means that marketing experts need to focus on providing that expected speed, convenience and without sacrificing on the quality of the services or products being pushed.

So, all people in marketing need to keep in mind that voice assistants are here to stay and pretty soon may become a fundamental element of their marketing strategies.


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