Ways to decrease the cost of your mobile app development

May 4th, 2018

With more businesses realizing the growing popularity and use of mobile apps by their potential customers, partners and other interested parties, more of them are planning on offering their customers their own mobile apps.


mobile app development


This though can turn out to be quite an expensive proposition, so here are some ways to reduce the cost of the development of your company app, and let it fit into your budget:

Plan carefully

Before jumping into the actual development of your app, make sure you take the time to brainstorm your ideas for what your app will need to offer your customers. This is crucial, as people today want easy to use apps which provide them with instant access to the information they need. So, think about what your customer really needs as you are throwing out those ideas on the drawing board beforehand.Planning your mobile app can save you a lot of money from having to drop the development and change strategies in the middle of the process due to new ideas appearing.

Actually, sketch the design of your app

Sketch out what you would like the interface of your mobile app to look like before presenting it to a professional mobile app developer. This will give the developer an idea of what type of interface to incorporate in your app so that it meets yours and your customers’ expectations. This will save time for the development and thus lower the cost significantly.

Choose the platform for your mobile app

Find out which platform is preferred by your customers before deciding which platform your app will be available for. You can opt for an app which is available for all popular mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, and Windows), but if you can narrow down the options this could turn out much less of an expensive endeavor and can improve your chances of getting a better ROI.

Outsource the mobile app development

In-house mobile app development can turn out to be very costly especially if you don’t have a developer or team dedicated to developing apps already. If you outsource the development process to a third party you will have to pay them only for the work done or by the hour, instead of a full salary. Professional mobile app developers are also most likely to be able to create a better app due to their knowledge and previous experience.

Use plugins for improving the functionality of the app

This will save you time and money especially if you already have design templates for plugins. By integrating pre-existing plugins into your app you will reduce the cost of its development and will be able to make them even more personalized for your customers and other users.

Use any existing technologies

By using any existing frameworks or templates existing in your in-house development department or when hiring a professional mobile app development company to do the job for you, the process of simply tweaking the existing templates to meet your needs will make the cost for development of the app much lower!


Apart from the planning and execution of the development, you need a company or expert who can do all the tweaking and testing, as well as fixing problems with your app. If you choose a company which provides such complex services, you will no doubt get a less expensive service, because most companies offer package deals for their mobile app testing, development and upgrading services.


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