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Cashback Add-ons, Plugins, & Toolbars for Promoted Deals

Displaying promoted deals from your merchants in add-on menu is a great way to inform user about the top deals you offer in a not-interfering, user-friendly way. Don’t miss this opportunity to use real-estate on the user’s add-on pop-up menu!


  • Top deals are available for user at one click of a button. Your users won’t need to open your website to see these deals, and can access them at any moment of their browsing experience.
  • All cashback add-on users are periodically checking for their cashback account balance in add-on menu. This moment is a great opportunity to show them your top deals which they can try to get even more cashback.


Key Benefits of Working with Besttoolbars

  • You own the source code of the add-on, so you fully control your business. You can maintain your add-on with your in-house development team, or you can use us as an extension to your development team.
  • Our solution is cross browser and works on all major browsers: IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera. This helps you to maximize the audience coverage.
  • No royalties, or recurring license costs. You pay for development as you go.
  • Our vast experience in building cashback add-ons and knowledge of best practices in that field allows us to make valuable suggestions to your business.


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