Advertising Features in Browser Plugins

Many companies use browser plugins to support ads-driven monetization of their free products. In this article we will review some of the ways you can display ads by means of browser plugins.
SERP Injection

There’re billions of web searches conducted every month. By means of a browser plug-in you can inject your ads on the search results pages, next to the regular ads of the search engine.
Cross-browser support

Browser Market Share (Feb 2014):
Chrome – 43.44%
IE – 23.78%
Firefox – 20.95%
Safari – 9.96%
Several years ago when Internet Explorer owned above 80% of the browser market you could support just this browser in your plugin, and cover the vast majority of potential audience. Now the things have changed, with four main browsers being on the stage, sharing the market more or less evenly. In such circumstances it is important launch your plugin on all the 4 browsers to make sure that you cover entire possible audience, and get the most revenue from your users. Developing for all the 4 browsers, and supporting 4 different browser plugins can be a major burden for a Company not specializing in development of cross browser plugins.
Luckily, our technology not only allows to rapidly develop your plugin for all the major browsers, but we also keep track of all the recent changes in browsers, and update our technology to support them. Our Addons Framework platform, which we use in development of cross browser plugins, is a perfect choice for your company to rapidly launch cashback plugins that cover all of the browser audience, and to continuously maintain your plugin compatible with all new trends in ever-changing browsers.

Single all-browser installer

While you can deploy your add-ons to official browser web stores, we can build a single installer which makes distribution of your add-on even easier. Our research has shown that a single silent installer increases both user take up levels and user engagement with your coupons.
With a single silent installer, the user runs a single .exe file to install the add-on across all major browser platforms (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) available on the user’s computer. Zero interaction is required by the user.
Having the silent single installer, you can bundle it with some third party software to distribute the add-on.
Our statistics show that audience coverage is increased by an average of 72% – 95% when browser add on development includes cross-browser publication. This makes a single all-browser installer a very powerful tool that can be used to increase your add-ons success from day one.

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