Benefits of Making Your Chromium-based Custom Browser

When you are using your extension or toolbar you can oftenly face compatibility issues connected to new browser versions, or any kind of restriction cause of security polices or issues with functionality of your plugin cause of 3rd party plugins that can overwrite your plugin’s features this leads to unstable work of your plugin, Ad restrictions or even affiliate links stealing. All in all it may ruin end-user experience.

Have you ever thought that all the benefits of your plugin can be combined in one custom browser, in which all necessary setting will be preset and only you will make decisions about what is restricted or not?

We created a new tool named *Stronium* that allows to quickly develop custom browsers based on a Chromium open source browser. It provides a range of branding and customization options and you retain the full control over the browser’s functionality throughout the development process.

Benefits of Making Your Chromium-based Custom Browser

With Strontium you can brand Chromium with your own icon, name, description. You can also set it to use your search engine as a default search engine and preset all extensions you want that cannot be deleted by users or 3rd party tools. Additional functionality includes the option to easily integrate the developers own browser extension (or extensions). These extensions cannot be deleted from the custom browser by any third party tools which may be installed later, or by the user themselves. This makes the browser more valuable to the user. Additional plug ins can be permitted or prohibited at the discretion of the browser developer And since it is your own browser, you’re not tied by policies of 3rd party browser add-on galleries and also can create black list for all other extensions. That means no extension or toolbar installation, no affiliate links stealing, no advertising restrictions.

Also our Chromium-based custom browser is the most secured one. Because unlike other browsers it is not related on many other 3rd party add-ons and functions and so there are much less ways to hack it. Another benefit is that Chromium is not under Google’s direct control and so offers better privacy from intrusions. With our browser you will for sure take more participation in user’s online experience.

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